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No description

Lauren Kearns

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Preproduction

Action/Science Fiction Length: approx. 15 minutes A short film? More bang for your buck
-has potential to generate a substantial profit in a shorter amount of time (requires only a 3 day shoot)
-less costly to make
-faster internet download times for distribution The Goal:
Oscar contender How?
Highest levels of international film festival competition
Why Invest?
High production value-
shot on Sony EX3 Product Deliverable:
dvd, upon request Context Marketing Plan -Website, blog, trailer, posters
-social networking sites:
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, promos posted on youtube.com
-Screening parties at trendy
venues shown to innovative and
influential people
Sources of Revenue Story rights- the possibility of expanding
the story into a full feature like U.K. Oscar
nominated short Cashback
-dvd and internet sales (itunes) Apple’s iTunes sold over 1 million videos for $1.99
each in the first 20 days of the service being offered Facebook:
-More than 400 million active users
-About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
According to thefuturebuzz.com
the average age of a youtube uploader is 26.57 years old-
within the target audience of this movie This project has a genre similar to the successful TV shows Alias and Lost
Alias target ages 18-49 years old
This show stayed on TV for 5 years, which is a longer lifespan for TV
Lowest viewed season: 7.2 million viewers
Peak: 10.3 million viewers Ages 18-35 years old
Considering that this is a short film a narrower scope of ages would be more successful with the method of promotion
If this were to expand into a feature film the marketing scope would broaden
Middle Class
Mostly Americans
In the U.S. it will resonate with our “American Dream” mentality, the idea that an individual can succeed based on their own choices.
In fatalistic cultures like some parts of the Middle East and Asia it relates to the idea of things being predetermined.

What do you do when the solution is actually the problem?
There is a market for action/ science fiction films.
These films generate viewers and income by their genre appeal even before mass audiences review them.
Season premiere of Lost’s 6th season: 12.1 million viewers, 1 million more than their average for the 5th season
Lost has kept a substantial amount of viewers for its runtime.
Iron Man is the same genre, made $585,133,287. Their production budget was $140 million The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon
has a very similar plot-line about fate and
is scheduled to be released in July 2010 Not the same The Formulate is unique.
The Formulate has an advantage- It has the story of a feature length film within a short fifteen minute slot
The Formulate: focuses on one character’s decisions and later their relationship to the masses
The Adjustment Bureau: seems to focus mainly on a love story
The Formulate: two major plot twists at the end
The Adjustment Bureau: shows a rebellion against fate to fight for love
The Formulate: shows an inner conflict with weighty consequences that effect billions Distribution Plan DVD, internet, itunes, and TV- ABC
The Independent Film Channel (IFC) Target Market/ Audience The story picks up after Carrie learns there is a formula that is a part of a sinister plot to contaminate the world’s water supplies. After locating the factory building the movie begins with Carrie stealthily running through the factory floor to find the control room. As she is engrossed in her mission she is caught off guard as one of the chief engineers, Alan Drescher, whom she has a grim history with is suddenly behind her. Carrie instinctively turns with gun pointed and becomes part of Alan’s psychological head games. Spoiler Alert: Alan reveals that Carrie has been part of an experiment and controlled for an even more evil plan. He reveals that all of the circumstances in Carrie’s life were controlled to lead her to disable the formula distribution, making her the only success in the evil experimental program. Although Carrie would save the world, who knows what other plans Alan and his cohorts would have in store for her future? Alan slumps over shortly after and has no pulse. Carrie runs out of time and angrily makes the decision to rebel against the control she has been under all of her life. After the formula is distributed she sinks down in her chair, realizing that her decision cost many innocent people their lives. There is a close up of Alan’s face from floor level, and he is smiling, revealing that Carrie did exactly what he wanted her to do. Impact Statement This movie is for entertainment. It's a thinker
AND It's memorable The audience should leave with some thought for later discussion. The Ask Merhaba Productions is looking for funding partners in this exciting endeavor Would you like to be a part of
this potential blockbuster? We're asking each corporate partner to invest
$300,000 or some other amount What you gain Product placement within the film generates quality advertising screen time
The chance for your product to be linked with Action, adventure and a successful movie
Our Promise to our Investors We'll keep you informed.
-To keep you updated with daily reports as production occurs (shooting) and weekly reports during post production (editing)
-As our images become linked we will run any new ideas regarding distribution and promotion by our corporate partners
-To provide a detailed contract agreement for the terms of the investment
-Investing in the film industry is a high risk venture. Sponsors should not invest unless they are prepared for the film to have a total loss of revenue
The iphone in The Formulate:
Carrie pulls up a map of the factory to find the control room.
-Possible future ad for the iphone
We'll give you rights to use that part of the movie in your commercial We believe this project has great potential for success. "Looking to save the world? There's an app for that How you fit in
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