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Civil Rights Movment

No description

Robert Blisard

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movment

Women's suffrage movement
The women's suffrage movement happed in the late 1800s threw the early 1900s.It was a act so women could vote and get better jobs.
How they are similar :1
They are similar because they both are in an act to get freedom and to get some rights that they were not allowed to have. They were not allowed to have certain freedoms because of their color,gender,or their race/what they believed in.
Altho they have some things in common they have differences to. Some differences are that the civil rights movement was manly for African American citizens (Mostly men). The women's suffrage movement was for women to get their rights and for both white and African Americans.
How they are different
Civil Rights Movement
Civil rights movement and Women's suffrage movement
The civil rights movement was a struggle by African Americans in the mid-1950s to late 1960s. This was an act of the african americans because they wanted to be treated farley by the government and by the whites because they wanted to vote and have good paying jobs.
Women's suffrage and civil rights movement
How they are similar :2
They both lasted 100 years after the civil war. They both protested in the nation’s capital. Both of them were using banners and slogans to spread their message. they both were peaceful and respectful during their protest.
Important people,dates, and facts in the women's suffrage movement
Some important people that helped women's suffrage movement be known was Susan B. Anthony and Cady Stanton.
Susan B. Anthony
Cady Stanton
How they are different :2
Civil Rights marchers includes both men and women, as well as African Americans and Whites but the women's suffrage movement was just women.

The slogans on the signs of the Civil Rights movement seem more focused on particular goals like segregation, voting rights, jobs), while the suffragist banner uses a slogan of the French Revolution.

There are more recognizable faces and names in the Civil Rights like Martin Luther King, Jr, and Harriet Tubman.
Important people,dates,and facts about the civil rights movement
Some people who helped the civil rights movement get known was Martin Luther King Jr and Harriet Tubman.
July 2,1777 Vermont is first to abolish slavery.
July 17, 1862 Congress gives President Abraham Lincoln the green light to allow black people to join the military.
September 17,1849 Harriet Tubman escapes slavery in Maryland and spent the next several years helping people escape to free territory by way of the Underground Railroad.
December 1st, 1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL. Martin Luther King Jr. leads a boycott of Montgomery buses that lasts over a year.
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