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Seven Steps for College

No description

Frank Dimich

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Seven Steps for College

Seven Steps for College

Step 2: Identify College Characteristics Important to YOU
Step 4: Investigate and Compare Colleges
Step 1: Consider Your Reasons for Attending College
Achievement of a personal goal

Career Preparation
Influence of family
and friends
Involvement in
extracurricular activities
To increase my earning power
To meet new
and interesting people
To obtain a
professional degree
To study new and different subjects
Important considerations:
Recognize your strengths/weaknesses
Analyze your interests
Identify your values
Learn about your alternatives
Consider all colleges of interest, regardless of cost
Take responsibility for your future
Majors and Educational Programs
Type of schools and degrees offered
Location and Size
Costs and financial aid
College affiliation
College accreditation
Academic Reputation
Step 3: List Colleges You Are Considering and Collect Information
Sources of Information:
College Catalogs and Information Bulletins
College Representatives
Parents, Students, Alumni
School counselors and teachers
Directories and computerized information systems
Professionals in the Field
College planning section of your ACT score report
Prepare a college comparison checklist
Weigh advantages and disadvantages
Contact the admissions office
Schedule appointments
for your
campus visits
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