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ap world history group project

No description

Sranita Devarasetty

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of ap world history group project

By: Mackenzie, Sranita, Victoria, and Sam Tokugawa Shogunate and the Manchu in China Manchu in China Jurchen
3 origin theories
Qing definition
Manchu Dynasty
manchu culture
chinese culture
protectors of culture
Interesting fact- chinese haircut Zheng He number of voyages
common name-San Bao
goods traded-silk, porcelian, bronze
junk ships
end of voyages
display china's power
collect tribute Commercialization and the creation of a global economy global economy between 1450 and 1750?-Yes!
impact trade had on the world
exchange of silver- why?
joint stock company Japan First Review Question How many voyages did Zheng He go on?
a) 9
d)3 Second Review Question Who were the Manchu?
a) barbarians from the Hunan Province
b) group of people from Northern China (Manchuria)
c) jurkeni people from South China
d) pastoral nomads from Northern China Third Review Question What is an advantage to a joint stock company?
a) the shareholders have a limited liability
b) easily go in debt
c) no one shares the work in the business
d) ownership is not shared equally In 1500's Japan was united after "Warring States" period
16th century Japan-Shoguns=rule, emperor=figurehead
1542, trade flourished with Portuguese and many converted to christianity
Fun Fact- Portuguese introduced guns to the japanese
1600 Tokugawa Leyaso- Tokugawa Shogunate= Edo Period
Edo period- western influences=negative
National Seclusion Principle
Samurai as military nobility
Samurai revolts
Fuedalism in Japan vs. Europe THE END Answer for treat!
What kind of chinese practices did the Manchu keep?

What does Qing mean? Answer for Treat!
Why did China suddenly end the voyages?

How many voyages did Zheng He go on?

Answer for Treat!
What is a joint stock company?

What is an impact trade had on the world? *anwer correctly and recieve a treat *anwer correctly and recieve a treat *anwer correctly and recieve a treat Answer for a treat!
What is the National Seclusion Principle?

Name a difference between Europe Fuedalism and Japan Fuedalism.
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