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Roller Derby!

Presentation for the Intellectual Property class.

A Misiura

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of Roller Derby!

IP and the Roller Derby Roller Derby Name - DIY:
1. Sounds like a plausible name
2. It connects to derby in some meaningful way Jenna Cyde Sasha Haughtbitch Lanham Act right of publicity laws Principal Trademark Register Close-knit groups,
Efficiency maximising rules,
norms govern workaday matters Counterculture Persona Trademark Law? Ivanna S. Pankin Princess Slay-Ya Norms Master Roster Adjudication Enforcement Personal contact Violence Mighty Aphrodite
Fighty Aphrodite
AphroDIEte Insights IP absence
is irrelevant. Order Without Law? Labours of Love... Legal centralist view does not explain
the emergence of informal IP rules... What about formal and complex rules, like Master Roster? User-generated Governance Systems Paris Killton Venus de Maul'r Killo Kitty Joy Collision Emma Rhoids
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