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The Fox and the Dog

An old tale told in a new way.

Tim Kilmartin

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of The Fox and the Dog

The quick brown fox... ...oh he's a crafty
little fucker... ...thinks he's so smart... ...just looking for some
poor animal to taunt... ...jumped over... ...this is a cow,
not a fox... ..ok, technically she's
"jumping over the moon" but what does that have to with the story... ...but I digrese... ...the lazy dog. Jesus Christ! Did you see
the size of that fucking dog?! I mean, that fox has to be
Carl fucking Lewis just to
clear this hunk of dog blubber! For God's sake pooch, have a little self respect INTRODUCING The newest trend
in dog exercise... Powzer!!! You're dog will love it!!! ...for a while anyway... But, you know what they say... NO PAIN... NO GAIN!!! You're dog will go from fat... ...to skinny... I'm talking Amy Winehouse skinny... YUCK!! Get your POWZER today!
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