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Women Hold Up "Half The Sky"

No description

Rebekah Luplow

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Women Hold Up "Half The Sky"

Women Hold Up Half the Sky "If you want to know how strong a country's health system is, look at the well-being of its mothers" -Hilary Clinton 130 million affected by FGM with 2 million more affected each year in 20 countries across Africa, Middle East, and Asia Health issues that arise:
Infection Infection is prevalent as a result of the instruments used for operating and the post-surgery procedures Founded the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital
non-profit hospital that provides:
maternal and infant care
there are diagnostic laboratory facilities
an emergency Blood Bank
provides diagnosis and treatment for STDs including testing for HIV/AIDS
particular attention is paid to the severe health problems associated with Female Genital Mutilation Edna Adan:
an incredible woman from Somaliland, Somalia, Africa
first girl in Somaliland to win a scholarship to study in United Kingdom
came back to Somaliland in 1961 as the first fully qualified nurse/midwife
Edna was a victim of FGM and has devoted her life to the treatment and prevention of FGM. Cambodia:
Forced Prostitution Somaliland:
Female Genital Mutilation & Maternal Mortality 30 million people are currently enslaved worldwide
Sex trafficking specifically brings in about $19 billion a year
Half of the prostitutes in India and Nepal were forced into the brothels
Some girls are born into prostitution because of the caste system that is in place Health issues that arise:
burn injuries
sexually transmitted diseases
mental health problems
injuries from torture
depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicide Meet
Mam Somaly Mam
vibrant and extremely compassionate woman from Cambodia
Somaly was an orphan living in extreme poverty
when she was young, someone who had pretended to be her grandfather sold Somaly to a brothel
she was raped multiple times daily and tortured relentlessly when she refused her clients. After watching one of her best friends get murdered by the owner of the brothel, Somaly escaped and began her new life
After her experience in the brothel, Mam decided to dedicate her newly acquired life to rescuing victims and empowering the survivors
Somaly created an organization called AFESIP that uses a holistic approach to help the victims find physical, economic, and emotional peace so they may “face the future with hope” Maternal mortality is due in large part to FGM
FGM causes fistulas during labor, obstructed labor, severe bleeding, and infection

A woman dies in childbirth every 90 seconds
99 percent of maternal deaths occur in the poor countries of Africa and Asia where FGM is practiced
United States risk of maternal mortality is only 1 in 4,800 while in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is a staggering 1 in 22 Meet Edna Adan FGM is a culture driven custom, which was established to suppress any promiscuous thoughts or behaviors.
This tradition brings about unbearable pain, and leaves many girls unable to safely have children, which leads to higher mortality rates amongst places that support and practice this horrifying ritual. Some women in Somaliland are employed, and receive a steady income for the practice of female circumcision. If the option of education is available to the family, male offspring are treasured priorities against their female counterparts,
The cost of education is so high it seems frivolous and unneeded, leading to the majority of uneducated people across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Drugs are introduced into brothels to create a craving that withstands any separation
Money is the driving force that keeps these brothel owners in business, customers pay a high price to be “entertained” by young women, and prices are higher for those girls that have not been circulated through as many clients Law enforcement is willing to look the other way as long as the brothel owners pay them a lump sum of money.
Ignorance alone drives the continuation of these events. Kabeh S. Sumbo Kabeh S. Sumbo
the owner of a palm oil company.
She began her business with just one tin of oil but after a few months, Kabeh received a microfinance loan so that she may expand upon her company.
Her first loan allowed her to buy several tins of oil. After that, she was able to ship 150 tins of oil to the United States.
Kabeh now has several warehouses, seven employees, and provides income for more than sixty-five people. Her business allows Kabeh to send her children to school and own her own house.
Her business training enables Kabeh to take care of her costumers and workers; it is because of this, that not only her life has been changed but also the lives of her children and her colleagues at the market.
She says that the reason why her community is blossoming is because, “what I learned, I did not keep it to my self, I shared with them.”
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