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What Makes An Elite Sportman?

This Prezi looks at some of the physical and Mental attributes which enables elite sportspeople being the best in the world.

harman shahi

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of What Makes An Elite Sportman?

What Makes An Elite Sportsman? What Is an Elite Sportsman? What does it take to be the best of the best? Effort and dedication to your Sport
Mental Determination
Focus and discipline
Physically fit
Excellent technical ability in required sport. Attributes Required Achievements To be an elite Sportsperson, you would've had to prove yourself on the world stage by winning prestigious titles or by breaking world records for your sports. Or even by winning awards from your sporting governing body. E.G Fifa World player of the year award. Examples of some of the best in the world Mental/Psychological Factors 5 Aspects Awareness
Confidence Motivation Motivation is about dedicating 100% effort into your sport, this involves training and during performance time. Some elite athletes may look relaxed and reserved on the outside mentally they are 100% motivated.
Motivation also involves the ability to bounce back from certain setbacks you may encounter in your sport such as going a goal down in your match or recovering from a serious injury or a illness. Lance Armstrong is an sporting example of how being mentally motivated can help you achieve some of the most prestigious awards in sport.
After recovering from cancer, Lance Armstrong had the motivation to win 7 Tour de France's on the trot. This is an magnificent achievement which is highly unlikely to be surpassed. Confidence measures the ability of an athlete to ignore the consequence of failure and just focus on the work in hand.
In other words, Elite Sportspeople have the ability to filter out any fear of losing and just focus on winning Confidence This quote by arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, showed precisely the confidence running through his body. He had no fear of being judged by the media or by his fellow boxers because he knew was going to win because of his ability and mental determination. Anxiety Someone who is in a uncomfortable emotional position, either by being too nervous or by not being nervous at all.
All good Sportspeople have the ability to control their levels of arousal(excitement/nerves) so they have the mentality to perform at their best ability.
Anxiety plays an important part in an athletes performance. Being anxious releases a hormone called adrenaline into the bloodstream. Adrenaline increases the amount of energy sent to muscles by the heart(the adrenaline increases the strength and beating of the heart).
Having really high levels of anxiety can have a negative effect on an athletes performance.
Severe signs of anxiety can be body tensing up, by feeling a urge to run away or severe shaking etc. AWARENESS Awareness is about an Athletes instinct and their ability to react to any given situation.
Awareness and quickness are very similar.
Awareness: the ability to carry out the correct movement pattern to change motions during a game.
Quickness: how fast you are able to form the transition.
How can an athlete benefit from being mentally aware?
Athletes such as Footballers and Sprinters can gain a huge advantage over their opponents as they react quicker to any situation.

Sprinters will be able to get of to a better start which can make all the difference in a race.

Footballers would have the advantage of being in the right place at the right time, which ultimately may allow them to score a match winning goal or make a goal saving tackle. Focus and Concentration Concentration is the ability to remain focused on the task in hand.
Concentration levels required vary depending on the type of Sport you do.
Sustained concentration: Marathon running, Cycling, Tennis etc.
Short bursts of concentration: Archery, Athletic field events, Golf etc.
Intense Concentration: Sprint events, Skiing, middle distance athletic events. As well as having the mental and psychological capability to have the edge over their competitors, the elite sportsperson also needs a very high level of physical fitness to have the energy to carry out their sport and meet the demands of the sport at the highest possible level.

The Physical components can be broken down into two main sections.

Health Related Fitness

Skill Related Fitness Physical Components Health Related Fitness This involves being able to carry out activities in your Sport without getting too tired There are 5 Components of Health Related Fitness Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscular Strength
Muscular Endurance
Body Composition Different Sports require Different aspects of Health related fitness. E.g Being a marathon runner requires a higher level of Cardiovascular fitness than Flexibility Cardiovascular Fitness Heart's ability to pump oxygen in blood around the body.
Very important component in athletes who exercise their body for a long time.
Marathon runners, Cyclists and Rowers all have very high levels of cardiovascular fitness. Muscular Strength It's how strong your muscles are.
The amount of force that a muscle can apply.
Important for sports such as weightlifting and judo where you have to overcome a force to lift a weight or to throw your opponent to the floor. Flexibility How far you are able to move your joints and the "stretchiness" of your muscles.
The more flexible you are;
The lower risk of injury.
Gives you a better posture .
More efficient you are at transferring energy.
Gymnasts and dancers are a perfect example of people with good flexibility. BODY COMPOSITION Body composition is the ratio of fat, muscle and bone that makes up someones body weight.
Different sportspeople need different amounts of these 3 components.
For example, Sumo wrestlers need a high percentage of fat in their body meanwhile sprinters need high percentage of muscle for their explosive power. Muscular Endurance This is the ability to continually use muscles without getting tired.
It's very important in sports such as rowing, tennis and indoor track cycling. Having very high levels of muscular endurance gives competitors a very good advantage over their opponents. Boxing is another sport where people need to have the righ body composition. Genetics Even though mental determination and hard work is the best way of becoming an elite athlete; in reality having any of the attributes above still won't make the average person a fighting chance of becoming an elite athlete. Genetics is something we cannot control (apart from genetically modified humans which is illegal). Only one in a million will have the opportunity of becoming one of the best in the world; the rest is up to them if they have the opportunity of participating in sport and the determination of wanting to become the best.
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