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6th Grade at McKenney

No description

Kimberly French

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of 6th Grade at McKenney

- Our position in space as we revolve around the sun and spin on an axis affects our lives. Day and night, our year, our seasons, and the phases of the moon are due to our position in space.

- All matter is made of tiny particles called atoms that can join together to create compounds. These atoms and compounds undergo physical and chemical changes.

- Motion, forces, and energy are all around us. Isaac Newton made great contributions to the world of science with his laws of motion and ideas about gravity.
In science this year we learned about astronomy, chemistry, & physics.
English/Language Arts involves reading, writing, listening, and speaking for information and understanding.
Percy Jackson, Lightning Thief
is about a 12 year old boy with learning disorders who embarks on an adventure involving Greek mythology in a modern setting.
is a young adult novel by Carl Hiassen with a similar theme to Hoot by the same author. It can be valuable in making connections to compare books and passages. Both novels take place in Hiassen's native Florida and would appeal to environmentalists.
World Without Fish
combines fiction and non-fiction to engage the young reader and influence future generations to be aware of environmental impacts we have as a population. It pairs well with the book Flush as the theme is similar and important.
Walk Two Moons
by Sharon Chreech is about a 13 year old girl named Sal who takes a cross-country trip with her grandparents after some family issues. The central theme of the book deals with relationships, grief, love, and death.
Social Studies
Social Studies combines history, government, economics, and politics to better understand our world.
Maps and geographical records help us view and describe areas of the world.
The earliest humans were hunter-gatherers and used primitive methods for obtaining necessities.
The ancient phoenicians and egyptians shaped the cultures of today with their leaders, explorations, and discoveries.
The philosophers and leaders of Greek and Roman civilizations shaped the empires and contributed to wars, politics, changes in power, and a distinct culture.
Math involves conceptual understanding, procedures, and problem solving.
Problems can be represented algebraically, numerically, and graphically.
Properties, such as the commutative property of addition, can be used to show how math operations work.
Values can be expressed as parts using fractions, decimals, and percents.
Proportions, ratios, and rates give comparisons of numbers and values.
Absolute value, number lines, and all rational numbers can be used to express negative and positive values.
McKenney Middle School
6th Grade at CCSD
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