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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

No description

Taylor Nelson

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

Understanding your Needs
Major Services Company
Heavy Investment in Human Capital
Shareholder Commitments
Profitability Challenges
Efficient Workforce Management
Oracle as your Partner
Global Core HCM
Single System of Record for Core Human Capital Data

Drives Core HR Capabilities, Administrative Efficiencies, & Regulatory Compliance
Welcome to Oracle
Human Capital Management
390,000 Customers Worldwide
100 of the Fortune 100 as Customers
Established in 145 Countries
#1 Provider Human Capital Management Solutions
Global Leader in Cloud-based Solutions
Why the Cloud?
Traditional "Behind the Firewall" Solutions
Minimal Hardware Investment
Time and Resource Efficiency
Disaster Recovery & Redundancy Solution
Workforce Service Delivery
Enables Manager & Employee Self-Service Functionality

Drives Efficiency & Ease-of-Use of the Access to and Management of Human Capital Data
Talent Management
An Integrated Talent Management System that Optimizes Employee Life-cycle Processes

Drives the Attraction, Retention, & Motivation of the Talent required for a successful services organization.
HR Analytics
Next Steps
Build Short-term Foundation Towards Long-term Goals
Conduct Return on Investment Analysis
Create a Project Team
Develop a Prioritized Project Plan
A Workforce Information and Analysis System for Historical, Real-time, & Predictive Insights

Drives Critical Planning of Workforce Skills, Competencies, and Costs in line with Future Business Plans
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