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Shugo Chara

No description

Jessica Power

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara Amu Hinamori Amu was seen as a cool and stylish girl and has become popular at school but what she really is is just a shy, gentle, docile and extremely normal girl. The main reason for this misunderstanding is the Goth Punk clothing her mum buys for her. One night she wished she wasn't the character she currently has and the next morning 3 Guardian Eggs appeared. She has a crush on Hotori Tadase, the K Chair of Seiyo Elementary's Guardian. She confessed her feelings but was rejected.
At first she rejected the offer to join the Guardians with the reason that she does not want to wear the royal cape. But on Tadase's sincere invitation she joins the Guardians under a special position, the Joker. On joining Guardian she received the "Humpty Lock", a locket with a four leaf clover decoration. Ran is the first to hatch from Amu's eggs and represents Amu's desire to be more honest and athletic. She is frequently cheering Amu on. During Character Change, Amu gains increased athletic abilities. On Character Transformation, Amu becomes Amulet Heart. Ran! Miki! The second Guardian Character to hatch is Miki. Miki represents Amu's desire to be more level headed and artistic, Miki is also the one to help Amu make fashion choices. Reflecting Amu's love interests, Miki has shown an interest in Tadase's Guardian Character, Kiseki and Ikuto's Guardian Character Yoru AND Kukkai's Guardian chara Daichii. During Character Change, Amu gains increased artistic abilities. On Character Transformation, Amu becomes Amulet Spade. Suu! The third Guardian Character, Suu represents Amu's desire to be more caring and improve her domestic skills. However, Suuis prone to silly mistakes. She is very fond of Amu's teacher, Nikaidou, after helping Nikaidou realize that he was a good person and can still pursue his own dreams. Amu gains an improvement in cooking and sewing skills during Character Change, as well as becoming "Too Girly". During Character Transformation, Amu becomes Amulet Clover. Amulet Clover, unlike Amu's other character transformations, uses Remake Honey as a purifier. Dia Diamond is Amu's fourth Guardian Character. She becomes an X Egg when Amu dislikes all the changes that were happening, and hatches into an X Character after Utau finds her egg. Because of this, Amu doesn't know Diamond's true name. In the Japanese manga, Diamond's name is shorted to Dia. Diamond can Character Transform with Utau, becoming Dark Jewel, however the transformation doesn't last for long. When Amu finally is able to purify Diamond, they undergo a Character Change, becoming Amulet Diamond. Afterward, Diamond returns to her egg until Amu "shines again". Tadase! The boy the same age as Amu who serves as the K Chair (Kings Chair). His alias is "Prince", and is Amu's love interest. Whenever he is called "Prince", his character changes into a violent, egotistical king who wishes to rule the world. Because of this, he does not do Chara Change with Kiseki unless it's absolutely necessary. Actually, he too is a shy person and is not a public speaker. So he wished to become stronger and become another character, much like Amu. He, along with the other guardians, tried to get Amu to join because of a prophecy about a girl who will appear with three Guardian Eggs. He lives in a traditional Japanese house. He claims to have a crush on Amulet Heart. He had a precious dog who died recently, and is still upset about it. Nadeshiko Kiseki
Tadase's Guardian Character who represents Tadase's desire to be stronger and the dream of world domination. Tadase-kun transforms with
Kiseki into "Platnium Royale" Kukai! The former Q Chair (Queens Chair). Same age as Amu.
When Amu
rejected the offer to join the Guardians, Nadashiko tried
many ways to convince Amu. She helps Amu bake sweets
for Tadase as a birthday present for him. Her character after
Chara Change is a battle hungry yakuza type who speaks in
Hiroshima slang and carries a naginata. t was revealed later
on that Nadeshiko is a boy and his real name is Nagihiko.
It is the rule of the Fujisaki family that the males are
trained to become oyama (male actors who plays female
parts in kabuki). That is why Nagihiko wears female clothes
and goes by a female name. He is currently studying abroad in Europe. The girl serving as the new Q Chair. Same age as Amu.
A short, cute and beautiful girl with a selfish personality.
She is well-liked among male students but hated by
female students. She feints crying to deceive people.
Her Chara Become with Kusu Kusu is called Clown Drop.
When she does Chara Change she becomes a gag
character which she dislikes tEMARI
Temari is Nadeshiko's shugo chara! When Nadeshiko and Temari transform, they become "Yamato Maihime" Rythym
Rythym is Nagihiko's/Nadeshiko's Shugo chara when he is not dressed as Nadeshiko. When Nagihiko and Rythym transform, they become "Beat Jumper" Daichi
Daichi is Kukai's shugo chara. He is sporty. When Kukai and Daichi transfrom, they become "Sky Jack" Yaya
The girl serving as the A Chair (Ace Chair). One year junior to Amu. She likes the sweets baked by Nadeshiko. Her hair is tied in pigtails with a big ribbon. Her Chara Change character is a baby that uses a giant rattle as weapon, influenced by the "baby" character she has a crybaby personality. She doesn't know how to swim. Has a just born baby brother named Tsubasa. She is also a ballerina, though a rather clumsy one. Pepe
Pepe is Yaya's Shugo chara. When Yaya
and Pepe transform they become "Dear Baby" The former J Chair (Jacks Chair). He is one year senior to Amu. The captain of the Soccer Club, he is athletic and has good reflexes. Through the power of the Humpty Lock, Daichi managed a Chara Become once. He has Graduated, which is the reason he has been replaced. Saaya appears to have a crush on him, as when a school paper ran a rumour that he was in love with Amu, she was furious The boy serving as the new J Chair. He is tall but actully
he is two years junior to Amu. He prepares for Guardian's activities.
Though the youngest he is capable, Amu and Yaya call him
"class president". Wears spectacles. He is actually Yukari Sanjou's
younger brother sent to spy on Guardians. He admit's his love for
Amu before he leaves to go back to the countryside. Musashi is Kairi's shugo chara. When Kairi
and Musashi transfrom they become
"Samurai soul" A mysterious boy who wants Amu's Guardian Eggs. On Chara Change and Chara Become he grows cat ears and uses a claw-like glove. At first he is called "Cat ears cosplay perv" by Amu. He can play the violin. Like Amu, Ikuto too has sensitive ears. He possess the "Dumpty Key". He is Utau's elder brother. He calls Tadase "Child King". His family and tadase's have a long history, and Tadase thinks that Ikuto killed his dog, which was a misunderstanding, but in the last episode, Tadase finds out the truth about ikuto. Yoru is Ikuto's shugo chara. When Ikuto and Yoru
transform, they become Black Lynx A 14-year-old junior high student idol. She sings in plays. Lunatic Charm is the name of Iru's Chara Become, during Chara Become and Chara Change Utau grows devil wings. The other Guardian Chara, Eru, is now with Amu in the place of Dia. The gentle Eru seems to be treated badly, Eru performed Chara Become with Amu and it suprised Utau.
She is actually Ikuto's sister, Utau Tsukiyomi. She has a brother complex and chases the any woman near Ikuto and calls them "bugs". Whenever she enters Ikuto's sight, she disables her Chara Become and by all means trys to please her brother. At one time, through the power of the Humpty Lock, she did a Chara Become with Amu's Dia Guardian Egg, thus becoming Dark Jewel. Iru and Eru are Utau's shugo chara. Their name's are pronounced Iru= ilu and eru= elu. When Utau and Iru transfrom they become Seraphic Charm, and Lunatic Charm. This is the X version of Dia. Utau and Dia become dark Jewel when transformed. Other Chara's Saaya Yamabuki Lulu de Morcef Yamamoto Nana (Lulu's shugo chara) Tsukasa Amakawa Yua Sakurai Cecil (Yua's shugo chara) Yukari (left) Gozen (right) Hotaru (rikka's shugo chara) Rikka Hiiragi Hikaru Ichinomiya Yuu Nikaidou Rima Kairi Kusu Kusu
Rima's shugo chara. Rima and KusuKusu
make clown drop Yoru Iru (devil) and Eru (Angel) All transformations opening 1 opening 2 opening 3 opening 4 opening 5 opening 6 ending 1 ending 2 ending 3 ending 4 ending 5 ending 6 ending 7 Ikuto Musashi Chara's
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