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Adolf Hitler Domestic Policies and Impact

No description

Tania Ayala

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler Domestic Policies and Impact

"Volksmeinschaft" (people's community) --> Build a classless society by replacing individual liberty with securing the greater good of the nation
Remove non-Nazi influences
Shaping the attitudes of the population to support Hitler's aims
Focus on foreign policy and military

Hitler's overall aims of domestic policy

Hitler put extreme focus on the youth and women of Germany, given that they were to become the strong future patriots of Germany

Methods to achieve this:

-broken into two main organization:
-dedicated to undermining/ overthrowing the German democratic republic
-designed to create a gov. in waiting; highly organized Nazi government / disciplined
-but the Nazi didn't have good structure
-most organized state was SA ( Sturm-Abteilung), charge of propaganda/protect Meetings/take out Communists

Structure of Government
Made a speech in Nuremberg in1933
His political views were national socialism=Nazism
He advocated totalitarian control of the state
Structure/Organization of Government and Administration
By: Tania Ayala and Carlos Lopez
Period 5

Indoctrinate with Nazi ideology
Create loyalty and willingness to sacrifice to greater good of nation --> nationalism/anti-individualism
"Seperate spheres" --> boys were to be strong fighters --> girls were to bear children
"Seperate spheres" for men and women - whereas men were expected to work and fight for the Reich, women were expected to work and fight for the family
The attitudes towards women was summarised by the slogan Kinder, Kirche, Kuche (Children, Chruch, Kitchen)
The policy had the support of churches traditional rural groups
Hitler’s Foreign Policy Aims
To destroy the Treaty of Versailles
To unite all German speakers together in one country.
To expand eastwards into the East (Poland, Russia) to gain land for Germany (Lebensraum- living space).
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