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Black Stache

No description

M2K Kids

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Black Stache

We first meet Black Stache...
Black Stache first appears on page 35. " It was this feature that gave him his name, the most feared name on the sea: Black Stache."
Black Stache by:lily gron
Black Stache's Strength
Black Stache's strength is he can scare people into doing anything he wants them to do. For example in the book it says if he laughs you laugh and if he snarls you snarl. He was also able to scare people into telling him wear the treasure is.
Black Stache's Weakness
Black Stache's weakness isthat, that dreaded boy cuts off his hand, so now he know longer has his hand because a huge crocodile ate it.
Important thoughts and and quotes
For just a moment he was scared of the storm and thought to himself " No one knows how hard it is to be captain." After Black Stache escapes the storm and is about to fool the Never Land, he realizes that his crew is bare foot. Then as they attack the Never Land, Black Stache sees a flying boy!! After the boy and a girl fly off he says, "I'll find them both, and when I do, that boy will walk the plank, lets see how high he can fly with a cannon shot blasted at him." The trunk had been in his hands. in his hands he thought. Then after they go to an island they see a flying croc and a boat that's been a flying to. Then when he almost drowns his crew he tells them once we get the treasure you guys will get your share of it, but then he thinks to him self "and if you believe that your as stupid as you look" Then at the very end of the book his last words were " Me hand, Smee!! Pick up me hand!!!"
Captain Hook
Black Stache's actions
First he captured two soldiers from the Wasp so they could tell him were the treasure was.
Then he throws Preston and Harbuckle over board!!
Why is there a big cat right there!!
Black Stache's actions continued
He raises the ladies and attacks the Wasp. When the treasure isn't on the ship he goes and hunts down the Never Land. On his voyage he changes the Wasp into the Jolly Rodger, then when thier 2nd in command, Slank, notices Black Stache is attacking. That dreaded boy and the girl escape with the treasure. Then when they find the island were that dreaded boy is, he jumps off his ship and searches for the boy and most of all, the treasure. When he is sneaking up on the boy he sees a flyin' croc!!!!! So then when he follows the croc, they see a flyin' boat. When they finally get the treasure the mermaids attack him, but Black Stache finally escapes. Those are all of his actions.
What Black Stache says
Black Stach dosen't really say anything inportant he mostly thinks everything.
SpongeBob thinking
Black Stache's Traits
Black Stache is a big, bad, evil, and scary person. He is super brave and never ever gives up until he gets what he wants. Those are Black Stache's traits.
Black Stache
* I am a girl.
* I am a boy aren't I!!
* I am not evil.
* I am the most evilest pirate there is.
* I am very nice.
* I am the meanest pirate ever.
* I am totally not a pirate.
*I am so a pirate argg.
*We both like the villian in the story.
* We both like to be in charge
* We both work very hard
* We both are smart.
Thanks for Watching!!!!!
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