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The Fight for Attica

No description

Katniss Everdeen

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of The Fight for Attica

The Fight for Attica
By: Chloe 7B

Confident Are We?
In the Heat of the Competition.......
He's Got This in the Bag!
Poseidon was confident that he was going to be the sponsor for the popular city Attica.
He is the Best
Poseidon thought everybody would love him. Attica was close to the sea, so he thought they would love him as a sponsor.
Nobody Can Stop Him
Not So Fast, Water Boy!
When Poseidon arrived at Attica, he was pretty furious when he saw Athena, the goddess of warfare and wisdom, one step ahead of him. She was also asking for a sponsorship.
Chaos Breaks Loose
At first, everyone was in chaos because of the mix up. But no matter how much chaos everything was in, mortals would not dare fight with the gods. Both were powerful and the people were not eager to choose in fear the gods would punish them. However, in all the heat, Athena thought the people should choose the best gift from one of the gods.
Whoa There, Horsey!
Let it Grow!
Athena, however, was not intimidated. She swiftly grew a strange, but beautiful olive tree. At first the people were a bit skeptical. Yet, when she explained
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Mortals had always feared the gods, so Poseidon knew nobody would stand in his way.
Poseidon immediately thought of his prized animal, the horse. He made horses spring from the water and on to land. The people were impressed. Poseidon thought nobody could beat his horses.
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