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Observable Properties of Acids, Bases and Salt Solutions

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katie stevens

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Observable Properties of Acids, Bases and Salt Solutions

-Produce Hydroxide ions (OH-)
-Slippery ex: Soap
-Bitter in taste
-React with acids to form salt and water
-Change red litmus paper to blue
-Change bicarbonate indicator from red to purple
-pH more than 7
-conduct electric current
-ionic compounds
-conduct electric currents
-product of an acid- base neutralization reaction
- tastes salty
-clear and transparent
-density higher than pure water
Image by Tom Mooring
Salt Solutions
Observable Properties of Acids, Bases and Salt Solutions
- Give off H+ ions when dissolved in water
- Taste sour
- pH less than 7
- Change blue litmus paper to red
- React with reactive metals to produce hydrogen gas
- Only exhibit properties in the presence of water
- Conduct electric current
Acid, Base, or Salt?
egg whites

acids: above or below 7 on the pH scale?
What color does a base turn litmus paper?
What property do they all have in common?
what is a neutralization reaction?
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