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No description

shesly garcia

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Homestuck

Friends Forever!
John Egbert - The Nerd

Rose Lolande -The Goth

Jade Harley -the Cutie

Dave Strider -The Cool Kid
The Trolls
What is Homestuck?
Web comic created by: Andrew Hussie
Sburb -the video game
If you don't get it the first time, it's okay!
Homestuck Logo
Karkat Vantas - I HATE ALL OF YOU (:B

Aradia Megido - c0rpse party! 0_0

Tavros Nitram - pUPPA PAN }:)

Sollux Captor - never eat the miind honey

Nepeta Lejion - :33< Shipping!

Kanya Mayram - Never Leave Without A Chainsaw

Terezi Pyrope - R3D 1S TH3 B3ST >:]

Veriska Serket - 8eat the game!!!!!!!! ::::)

Equius Zahhak - D--> my moirallegiance comes first

Gamzee Makara - HoNk HoNk :o)

Eridan Ampora - filthy land dwwellers

Ferefi Peixes - so glubbing -EXCITING! 38D

The Fandom!
The Haters
Other Homestucks!

"Friendship has more than one act." -Homstuck fandom
"This human disease called friendship." -Karkat Vantas
"I'm going to push him down a flight of friendship stairs" -John Egbert
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