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No description

Matt Baker

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of Counter-Culture

- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil

- I can describe counter-culture

Table of Contents
Page: Counter-Culture

- J. Edgar Hoover led the FBI for 48 years
- Investigated people who he thought were dangerous to the US
- Communists
- Mafia
- Counter-Culture groups
- Civil Rights Leaders
- Used wiretapping and other illegal techniques to gather evidence against people
J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI
Museum of conformity
- Many people reacted negatively to the conformity of the 1950s
- Many groups wanted to branch out and express their individuality
- Enjoyed poetry, literature, and dark clothing
- Drug use, tie dye, and communal (group) living
- Slicked back hair, cars, leather jackets, and violence
Rock & Rollers
- Fans of rock music, would host and attend festivals
- Woodstock
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
- AKA Free Speech Movement (FSM)
- Student group that protested Vietnam War, govt. abuses, and for Civil Rights
Meet & Greet
1. Choose one of the counter-cultures
2. Reserve it with Mr. Baker
A. first come first serve
3. Research the following information with your group
a. What did you like to do?
B. How did you dress?
c. How were you counter cultural? (Different from the 1950s)
D. What changes did your group want to see?
f. Create a name for your person (introduce yourself)
G. Slang Terms they used
Meet & Greet
- Take on the role of your counter cultural group
- Find someone from a different group
- Introduce yourself, Talk to them about their lifestyle
- Take mental notes on their lifestyle
- If you think you are a good pair, stay together
- If not, Reject them (give them a reason)
- You will share why with the class, so be prepared to defend your choice
Postcard to J. Edgar Hoover
- Create a postcard to J. Edgar Hoover
- Tell him why your counter culture group does not like him
- Don't be afraid to use insults (appropriate!)
- Picture on one side (something your group would like)
- Writing on the other
Why do people conform?

How do many people feel about it?
1. Finish exhibit (10 mins)
2. Visit other exhibits
3. Be prepared to discuss as a class
How did J. Edgar Hoover promote conformity?
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