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Circle of Grace ~ Grade 4

No description

Ann Menning

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of Circle of Grace ~ Grade 4

Cyber Safety Tips Video
A blog is an online journal. Personal stories or thoughts can be posted as in a personal journal. This is a public journal that anyone can access.

Circle of Grace
Chat Room
Inappropriate Material
Instant Messaging
Personal Contact Information

“Circle of Grace”
4th Grade Vocabulary
The Catholic Church teaches that God has created each of us as unique and special.

Look up Genesis 1:27.

We are created “male and female in God’s image” and God saw this as “very good.” In that goodness, we are meant to


ourselves and everyone else as persons created and loved
by God!

What is a
"Circle of Grace"?

Do you watch Youtube videos?
Chat Room
A chat room is the name given to a place or
page in a website or online service where people can chat with each other by typing messages which are displayed almost instantly on the screens of others who are in the chat room.
(Shown in the "Lost Princess" video.)
Sending a deliberately
confrontational message to others
on the Internet.

Inappropriate Material
Pictures or words on the
Internet that make you feel
uncomfortable, scare you,
or that intentionally
degrade a human person.

Instant Messaging
Technology similar to that of chat rooms which notifies a user when a person is online allowing them to converse by exchanging text messages.
(Show GMail IM.)

Courteous, honest, and polite
behavior practiced on the Internet.

Information that allows an individual to be contacted or located in the physical world, such as a telephone number or an address.

Personal Contact
someone who uses the Internet to
obtain personal information about
others with the intent to do harm.

NEVER NEVER give your
contact information to others
over the Internet!

An identity theft scam in which criminals
send out spam that imitates the look and language of legitimate correspondence from e-commerce sites. The fake messages generally link to websites that are similarly faked to look like the sites of the respected companies. On the sites, you are directed to enter your personal information for authentication or confirmation purposes. The information, when submitted, goes to the thieves,
not to the “spoofed” company.

Kids today can go online from so many
different sources, including video game consoles, iPods, Nooks or Kindles, and even handheld gaming devices. Young people are increasingly living their lives online, and their digital devices are some of their
favorite toys and tools.
Why Internet safety matters:
Online Safety
Do you surf the Internet?
Do you chat online?
Do you game online?
4th Grade
Circle of Grace Curriculum:
Respecting Ourselves
and Others Online
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