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Lujing Cen's Digital Portfolio 2012-2013

Lujing Cen, California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Introduction to Enginnering and Design - Perod 4, 2012-2013

Lujing Cen

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Lujing Cen's Digital Portfolio 2012-2013

Unit 9: Design Team 3/7 1/28 2/10 2/20 2/28 Unit 4: Modeling Skills 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c T9 Automoblox Car Bridge Unit 1: Design Process Unit 2: Technical Sketching and Drawing Puzzle Cube Puzzle Cube Assembly Team - a number of persons associated together in work or activity. Automoblox Drawings Final Exam 6/4 Lujing Cen's Digital Portfolio 2012-2013 Unit 5: Geometry of Design ` Automoblox T-9 Pickup Truck Unit 6: Reverse Engineering For IDP, you need a Team.
We are more than just a TEAM.
We are The Fantastic 5 A Fantastic 5 Production Introduction to Engineering and Design
Period 4
Created on 6/4 Dear Ms. Williams,

Thank you for teaching me so much about engineering this year. You have inspired me to pursue a career in the engineering and design fields. With appreciation,

Lujing Cen Surface Area = 2(wd + wh + dh) Something I'm Proud Of: Mouse Trap Car
"IGNITING IMAGINATION AND INNOVATION THROUGH LEARNING" Just For Fun: The reverse engineering of a mechanic pencil (thank you Yo Han for the pencil :P)
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