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raegan blank

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Portugal

Absolute location
38 degrees north
and 10 degrees
Capital: Lisbon.
:Portugal is north of Morocco,
: Portugal is south of Bay of Biscay
:Portugal is east of the Atlantic
: Portugal is west of Spain

Bom Jesus Do Monte is a sanctuary and a church that climbs 116 meters. The present Sanctuary started being built in 1929.

Carmo Convent
It is a historical building that was destroyed by a earthquake in 1755.
How people interact with their environment. Specifically, how people adapt, mostly, and depend on their environment
Areas that can be grouped together by a set of things specific to that area.
Human Enviormental
How people in one place make contact with a person in another place;or the exchange of goods and ideas.
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