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SIG Leadership Welcome

No description

Lauren Suveges

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of SIG Leadership Welcome

Bring key SIG leadership roles into alignment for the purposes of better support, streamlined management, and more opportunities for cross-collaboration.
SIG Leadership
hey, that's you!
Each SIG leadership group will be comprised of 12-20 committee members, including 3-6 leadership positions. The large leadership group will be referred to as the ‘SIGXX Committee’ (for example SIG1to1 Committee).
(1-year term + 1 year as pres-elect and 1 year as past-pres=
3 years)
2 yr term
2 yr term
Operations Officer
2 yr term
At Large Officer(s)
2 yr term
Dear Volunteer Leaders,

Welcome returning SIG leaders and new committee members. We can't wait until ISTE2013! In addition to the new ideas, energy, and community the conference provides, it also marks the start of this year's SIG leadership term. Whether you are a SIG president or general committee member, your time, efforts, and passion matters greatly to ISTE, so thank you.

This short presentation is meant to welcome you to a fabulous group of leadership within the field of ed-tech and share a glimpse of what we hope to accomplish this year within the SIG program. We are striving to align leadership, encourage cross-collaboration, clarify communication, and support your innovative ideas from the field. We look forward to working with you this year!


Susan Larson Lauren Suveges
Director of Volunteer Leadership Volunteer Leadership Manager

PS. Your input is critical! Please complete the survey at the end of this presentation. We appreciate your feedback!
The President facilitates meetings and the development of SIG vision and goals; cultivates leadership and volunteer opportunities; responds to requests from ISTE; tracks all SIG due dates and projects; prepares for conference, contests, etc.
The Professional Development Chair oversees creation of regular PD events such as webinars, book studies, and community chats; creates resource web portal; assists with conference events.
The Communications Chair creates SIG communication plan, tracks social media and accounts/passwords; sends regular communications to SIG members; responds/routes communication from members; maintains online communities and web resources.
The general committee members make up the rest of the committee. In collaboration with the leadership team, these volunteers help with the work of building community, creating SIG benefits, producing learning resources, communicating important information, and planning conference activities. Their tasks may be small or large, ongoing or occasional. The leadership team creates subcommittees and task groups as needed, and staffs them with these volunteers. Each of these volunteers serves one-year terms.
Operations Officer, 2-year term: liaison to ISTE to ensure SIG responsibilities are met and utilized; reports on membership, tracks SIG stats, contributes to SIG visions and goals, assists and serves as a back-up for the president.
At Large Officers, 2-year term: advises on SIG visions and goals; helps produce and promote SIG activities; connects SIG to other appropriate organizations or leaders for development and support; as needed, can lead subcommittees or tasks such as Volunteer Coordinator or Conference Events Coordinator, etc.
Clarify communication
channels between ISTE
and SIG leadership.
* SIG Council Wiki re-vamp!
* SIG Council listserve streamlined
ask questions here,
share resources,
* Clearer timeline and calendar of
events and project due dates!

Hmm. That might work.
But this might too....
I'll share my ideas
in the survey

Supporting Innovation
ISTE relies on you as the leaders in the field
of ed-tech to share the latest news and
resources with our membership. We also
know you are motivated, innovative, and
creative thinkers and doers!

We hope to support these ideas by
encouraging collaboration and facilitating
communication between SIG Leadership.

Speaking of innovation.....
iste express
However you're getting to San Antonio - plane, car, bike, or remotely through AccessISTE - we hope the energy of the conference brings excitement for the next term of
SIG activity.

We can't wait to see the SIGs shining in action!

Post-San Antonio, we will invite you to attend a leadership webinar where we will roll out some SIG program enhancements that we hope will make your SIG even more successful. We have some great ideas brewing, but we need your feedback too!
Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.
or bust!



We're concentrating on...
Optional Leadership Roles
Subcommittee chairs can be appointed as necessary
This is what we're working on here at ISTE...
You might be thinking...
After the conference, we will use this information to create our leadership webinar. We will schedule a few sessions throughout the summer to hopefully accommodate summer schedules!
Please complete this survey by July 16, 2013.
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