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Mise en Place

Exploration of concepts of culinary term, Mise en Place.

Lincoln Marquis

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Mise en Place

Mise en Place
Set up and use the standard breading procedure
French term, which literally means
“Everything in its place.”

Organize and plan your work.

Plan the Work, Work the Plan
A blueprint
An overview
Reminder of each cook may interact with each other in the kitchen
Don't rewrite recipes
Know what you're making (menu) and know what you will need
Prioritize your work into a time line (big rocks first)
Clean and sanitize before you use anything
Knives should be honed and sharpened
Measuring devices should be calibrated
Ovens and cooking surfaces should be preheated
Mixing bowls, saucepans and storage containers should be the correct size for the task at hand
The Prep List Is...
When you understand Mise en Place
First Things First
Try to Think of Everything...
Don't Forget the Details
Don't Forget the Trash!
A´la Minute
Slowly warm the butter in a saucepan over low heat without boiling or agitation
As the butter melts, milk solids rise to the top as a foam and the water sinks to the bottom
When the butter is completely melted, skim the milk solids from the top
Clarified Butter
Bouquet Garni - Bundle of Aromatics
Sachet - Sack of Flavor
Onion Piquet
Onion Brulee
Plates and
Tools and Utensils
Hand Protection
Foods should be gathered and stored conveniently at the proper temperature.
Sanitizing supplies, side towels, disposable gloves
Check the Date!
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