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My Summer

No description

Sara Piatz

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of My Summer

My Summer
Valley Fair
A couple weeks later, we all whent to Valley Fair. I had a lot of fun and sadly it was the last time that I got to see Mackenzie before she whent off to collage.
The End
To sum it up, I had a pretty good summer. And I am looking forward to having another great school year.
I have been doing a lot of volleyball stuff this summer, from Saterday mornig volleyball, to Pre-Seson, and even to regular practice.
Trout Lake Camps
As a little tradition that a couple of my friend and I do every summer is go to Trout Lake Camps. This is a Christion Camp that I go to with Jenna, Tessa, and Adeiliea. We have a blast every year and learn a lot of stuff.
Like every summer, I help out with my Grandma and Grandpa at the farmers market. I love helping them and talking to the customers.
Later in the summer, my dad took us to the State Fair. I had alot of fun. I even got to try aligater. My faveorite part was getting to go shopping.
Meeting New People
At Trout Lake Camp, we met some new people. My C.I.T was a girl named Mackenzie. She is really nice. I also had a Counsler named Catie. Mackenzie lives in Cambridge and one day at camp she had an idea. She would not tell us untill later that day. But when she finaly did tell us, we all agreed. We where going to have a bible study with the five of us every week.
By: Sara Piatz
This is my friends and I at camp
Jenna, Tessa, Mackenzie, Adealia, and me
This is my cabin from camp
Us at Valley Fair
The State Fair

This is the Lake at trout
There is also boat docks. I love going tubing and sharking.
Trout lake swing set.
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