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Dirt Track Racing

No description

Sadie Morgan

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Dirt Track Racing

Dirt Track Racing By: Sadie Morgan About Racing You need to know what type
of race car you want to drive. Hobby Stock Street Stock Limited Late Model E-mods Sprint Cars Late Model About Racing You also need to know
how to drive that car. Preparation About Racing You have to know the flags
and how to run the track. Racing takes a lot
of time and effort. Slick Track Pressure Gauge Wrecks Some kinds wrecks occur
when track is to slick or to
messy. Thanks for watching!!!!
Any Questions!? Preparation Racing is not a cheap nor an
easy sport to succeed in. Messy Track Hobby Stock Chassis Late Model Chassis Sprint Car Chassis E-mod Chassis Safety Racers have to wear this
type of equipment. Traveling You can have two types of
trailers to carry your car. Fights Sometimes wrecks can
result into having fights. Track Most tracks have suppliers
that supply tires, gas, oil,
and spare parts. Tracks There are more dirt tracks
in PA than asphalt. Temperature gauge Gear Shifter
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