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Seemingly random facts about Georgia. Yeah, school project for me, but it might be useful for you.

Jared Edwards

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Georgia

The Peach State Georgia -admitted to the union January 2, 1788 -9th most populated state Agriculture plays a huge part in Georgia's economy. Georgia's agriculture -Georgia's major products are processed foods and transportation equipment. peaches and chickens are the biggest parts of Georgia's agricultural industry Georgia's Economy Native Georgians -Just like most states in the U.S, the current inhabitants were not the first. -Many different peoples have lived in Georgia over the years. This includes the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian mound building people of the prehistoric era. In the late historic era the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, and many other Native Americans inhabited the state -Georgia's climate makes the state a popular place for people to move. climate -Georgia has a warm, long Summer, followed by a brisk Autumn, then a brief Winter, then a warm Spring. -average annual rainfall is 40 to 50 inches. -The first settlers in Georgia were British. No specific person was known. Colonial Georgia -The first known explorer of Georgia was Cabeza de Vaca . -Elton John, the famous rock star, was from Georgia. Famous Georgians -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Born in Atlanta, Georgia. -President James Carter was born in Plains, Georgia. -The actor, Oliver Hardy, was born in Harlem, Georgia. -Johnny Mize, the famous baseball player, was born in Demorest, Georgia. http://www.stuffaboutstates.com/georgia/people.htm Sources http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/archaic.htm http://www.50states.com/bio/georgia.htm http://georgia.gov/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_(U.S._state)
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