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Jamaica and PEI Comparison

This was a Project on comparing PEI, Canada and Jamaica. Though these to islands may be not well known as Other places like England or USA. I compared the wind, the differences, vegetation and more!

Sterling Gallion

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Jamaica and PEI Comparison




- Both islands average temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius
-They are both warm around July and August
-They are both surrounded by water
-Both islands have rivers
-They are both on the North side of the world

Simpler Similarities
-They are both islands!
-They both eat food
Jamaica Qualities
PEI Qualities
- PEI has several seasons
-They can go ice skating on ponds in winter
-PEI gets over 1000mm of precipitation per year
-PEI's lowest temperature is -9 degrees Celsius

Other qualities
-PEI is in Canada
-PEI has an acronym (Prince Edward Island)
Other Qualities
-Jamaica exports tropical goods
-Jamaica doesn't have winter because it is close to the equator
-Jamaica is warm all year round because it is close to the equator
-Jamaica exports tropical goods
-Jamaica doesn't have winter because it is close to the equator
-Jamaica is warm all year round because it is close to the equator
-Jamaica has less than 1000mm of rain per year
-The highest temperature is 28 degrees Celsius
The basic differences...
- One has several seasons the other has one summer all year.
-Jamaica has Summer all year PEI has 4 seasons
-Jamaica is it's own country PEI is a province in Canada
-Jamaica has under 1000mm of rain per year
-The range between the PEI's lowest temperature and Jamaica's highest is 21.6 degrees Celsius
The Differences
-Jamaica can grow plants all year long while people in PEI does it when its warm/hot.
-Jamaica is warm all year round
-PEI is cold in November- December and warm in July and August
-In PEI they go ice skating and fishing
-Jamaica has hunting and swimming
-They both have 2 major rivers
-PEI: Morel river, Hillsborough River
-Jamaica: Great river, Black river

-Jamaica has 2 mountains and PEI has none
Weather Patterns

-during the summer both islands get winds going northeast
-In winter they both get winds going southwest
-They each get ocean winds going opposite directions
-They both get wind.
Affects from weather
-The wind may be to strong and cause a hurricane

I just noticed I'm talking to a weird space voice

Thanks I pick…

So which island do you pick?

By: Khalil(PowerPoint BY Khalil) , Shenal (...)and Sterling(MOSTLY ME)
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for more prezis.
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