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Body art 221

No description

Becki Bork

on 9 October 2011

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Transcript of Body art 221

Body art design unit 221 Factors
Arm, lower leg, shoulder, skin type, adverse skin conditions, and fashion trends, skin type and
sensitivity, occasion, gender, cultural factors Preparation
Protective clothing, materials and preparatory skin cleansing products Products, tools and equipment
Products: coloured inks, aqua paints, transfer tattoos, brushes and sponges
Tools and equipment: body gems, glitter, sequins and other adornment, sponges, brushes,
spatula, disposable applicators, palette, mirrors, headband, gown, towels paper work needed for this unit includes ........ mood board
Prevent treatment: fungal infection, bacterial infection, viral infection, severe eczema, severe
psoriasis, and severe skin conditions.

Restrict treatment: broken bones, recent scar tissue, hyper-keratosis, skin allergies, cuts and
abrasions, epilepsy, skin disorders, recent fractures and sprains, undiagnosed lumps and swellings,
product allergies cultural factors Aftercare advice
Methods of removal, product recommendations, further treatment needs and maintenance advice Contra–actions
Swelling, erythema, itching and irritation.
Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free
All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic.

Snazaroo face paints are all water-based, so they're as easy to get off as they are to put on.
For step by step guides see Its learning Paper work for this unit is on.....
Its Learning for inspiration check out our LRC for BOOKs and monthly additions off....
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