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on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of TRESemmé

TRESemmé Packaging Development
Tresemmé - Primary Market Research
The ability to purchase salon quality products at affordable prices with great convenience

Suitable for the whole family due to large bottle size, making our target market very broad

Families want something that will last a long time, as well as being a good quality product for their money

Our pump system will ensure this
Secondary Market Research
Target Market:
Savvy style seekers, families and 16-25 year olds
Market share of 7.9% (2014)

"Used by professionals"
- Packaging needs to reflect this

Professional products at affordable prices...

We are meeting an existing customer need

Using the toothpaste pump system as a way of indicating
how well our product will do in the current market...

Advantage to developer:
125 ml of toothpaste in a tube sells for
£1.00. 100 ml of the same toothpaste in a pump sells for £1 .20.

Perceived advantage to consumer:
Squeezing a toothpaste tube is, presumably, too much like hard work. Thanks to modern science, that chore is a thing of the past.

Deciding on our Product
What struggles do we face in everyday life?
Our Marketing Team
Marketing Director:
Elsa Punchard (1345306)

New Product Design (NPD) Manager:
David Beech (12446759)

Brand Manager:
Hannah Roberts (14469281)

Marketing Finance Officer:
Daniel Parkinson (13455365)

Marketing Research Analyst:
Emma Nesham (13455807)
SWOT Analysis
Our Improvements and Solutions
PRODUCT - Design and Branding

USP of the pump mechanism will hopefully boost TRESemmé's revenue by being above competitors - appealing to families
Efficiency of pump reduces waste of product
Ease for existing customers using these products
Increase in brand loyalty and therefore increase in revenue!


Increase in expenses
PRICE - Financial Considerations and Sustainability
PRICE: £4.99 RRP, £2.49 promo

Pricing strategy: Psychological pricing

Maintain competitive prices for consumers, keeping within TRESemmé's "affordable prices" USP

Effects on profits (current price - new price)

Transportation costs will be decreasing due to the new and improved square-shaped bottle with rounded edges to keep the sleek feel of TRESemmé products


PET is a shatterproof and safe option for the home and it is long lasting. It is a lightweight materital meaning transportation costs will be reduced. It is also economical because it is recyable.
PLACE - Convenience for Customers
Brand image:
Our market research shows that TRESemmé tends to be in supermarkets and drugstores, as opposed to cheaper alternative discount stores

"Professional. Affordable." (Tresemme, 2012)

Shelf space:
Eye level product placement - big range of products and easily noticeable to customers on the shelf
Reference List

Benefit Cosmetics (2015)
Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation.
[online] Essex: Benefit Cosmetics. Available from: https://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/help/customerCare [Accessed 17th March 2015].

Colgate (2015)
[online] Surrey: Colgate. Available from: http://www.colgate.co.uk/app/Colgate/UK/HomePage.cvsp [Accessed 06 March 2015].

Co-Operative Pharmacy (2015)
Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste Pump 100ml.
[online] Manchester: Co-Operative Pharmacy. Available from: http://www.co-operativepharmacy.co.uk/Colgate-Cavity-Protection-Toothpaste-Pump-100Ml/id-530477 [Accessed 06 March 2015].

New Internationalist (1987)
Pumping Up Sales.
[online] Available from: http://newint.org/features/1987/06/05/pumping/ [Accessed 17 March 2015].

TRESemme (2013)
[online] Available from: http://www.tresemme.co.uk/ [Accessed 06 March 2015].

PROMOTION - Unique Selling Point
of the product will be the main focus of the promotional efforts, due to:

Money saving - appealing more to families
Reduced wastage - increase in efficiency
Stands out from competitors
Market leadership - first haircare brand to do this


Metallic - stands out from other brands on shelves
Ability to see how much is left in the bottle through the transparent strip at the side of the bottle - unique!

TV ads, billboards, magazine spreads, hair salons
Make-up bottles
All of these products cause wastage!!!
What can we do about it?
The haircare market is more open to innovative ideas and a large market
Using ideas from previous products i.e. Colgate toothpaste and Benefit foundation... Suction Pumps!
Wastage in bottom of bottles Pump dispenser mechanism

Boring packaging - professional? Metallic packaging - premium
Transparent measurement panel

Competitive advantage - USP
Gain in market share of haircare brands
Effecting brand image - innovative ideas


Idea might not actually appeal to target market on mass scale
Competitors of TRESemmé (Herbal Essences - bottle design)

Opinions on TRESemmé Packaging
"I have used TRESemm
before and the bottle is difficult to use as it is quite solid to difficult to squeeze the product out."
"I don't like the bulky black packaging of TRESemme."
"The dark colours and bulky shape of the TRESemme packaging seems more substantial."
"It doesn't look very easy to handle."
"Pumps now have 10 to 12 per cent of the UK toothpaste market; they have been around only three years. The figure is higher in Europe, and highest in the US, where around 18 per cent of the population have abandoned toothpaste tubes for pumps."

(New Internationalist, 1987)
The packaging must...

Keep the shampoo's smell/consistency
Not allow it to dry out or become too liquid
Be reliable and allow consumers to have confidence
Be hygenic and keep to the salon standard of Tresemmé
Give constant rhythm of the flow of the product

Secondary Market Research
(New Internationalist, 2015)
Why should you invest in our idea?
Reduces wastage - more value for money and more efficient (beneficial to both consumers and producers)

Stands out from competitors - metallic design showing the pump mechanism (innovative to the haircare market)

Sustainable and longer lasting

Customers are getting more for their money and producers are gaining consumer loyalty and a better brand image
SMART Objectives
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based

Improve repeat purchases with current customers by 20% within 18 months of product release.

Reduce product transportation costs by 10% due to new product shape.

Create research plans to measure customer satisfaction with new product.

Improve opinions of TRESemme packaging design.

Increase positive word of mouth reccommendations.
PRODUCT - Progression of Designs
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