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Filipino boy

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

powers and weapons
Every super hero has a weapon or power.(EXAMPLES)Green Lantern has
a ring,Superman has laser eyes super strength and cold breath,Spiderman has the ability to climb walls shoot out webs out of his wrists and spider sense,the Hulk has super super strength,Wolverine has sharp claws and never dies
Superheroes has costumes because they don`t their identity shown so their loved one won`t get hurt.Superheros has costume like Batman,Spiderman,Superman,GreenLantern,Ironman kind of and........WAIT!they all have costumes, so lets go to a other topic
These costumes are just homemade and I did not make it

movies of super heroes
Superheros has movies.Almost all superheros has a movie of their own but a movie made just last year with 6 or 7 heroes and liked it very much.It is the Avengers ,the heroes are Captain America, Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Hawk eye,Black Widow and the Avengers captain .....I forgot if you know please tell me thanks, so that`s the movies of heroes
By the way Im not an expert at super heroes Miss Van Zwol just helped us by saying what we are an expert on so we can have a topic faster but it made it harder for me and some of you think my prezi is childish but I don`t care.

Why superheroes fight crime
Superheroes fight crime because something bad happen to the hero and does not want it to happen to anyone else.Or family died and got revenge and liked fighting crime or he has a special ability and no wanted to help the town so he was the only one to save it.Thats what I think.


sorry GIRLS
I don't know much About GIRL superheroes

But here are some female action heroes for you to check out:
Storm (X-Men)
Rouge (X-Men)
Cat (X-Men)
Electra (Daredevil Comic)
Wonder Women (Superman)
Black Widow (Avengers)
Cat Woman (Bat Man)
Elastic Girl (Incredibles)
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