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Ray Bradbury

No description

Jacob Rice

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury
Brief Bio:
Born August 22, 1920
Died June 5, 2012
American author and poet
Wrote from fantasy, science fiction, horror, to mystery fiction
Biographical Information:
Born during the the beginnings of the Great Depression.
Decided to become a writer around the age of 13
Could not afford to go to college, and instead went to the library whenever he could
Stated that "libraries raised me" going to the library three times a week for ten years while he worked on his fan-magaizne, Futuria Fantasia.
Writing Style:
Very descriptive
Large use of similes, metaphors, and personification
Body of Works:
Eleven novels
Forty-Nine compilations of short stories
Two anthologies
Several plays and screen plays for movies.
Various miscellaneous books,(A book of poetry and his magazine.)
Notable Examples: The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes.
"Ray Bradbury Biography."biography.com. Web. 12. Oct. 2015.
"About Ray Bradbury." raybradbury.com. Web. 12. Oct. 2015.
Authors That
Inspired Him:
L. Frank Baum:
Author of The Wizard of Oz.
Jules Verne:
Author of Journey to the Center of the Earth
Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Author of the John Carter novels, and Tarzan.
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