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V0.4 Genesis

No description

Elisabetta Bruno

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of V0.4 Genesis

Finance & Procurement
Operating Theartes
IT Department
Facilities Management
Hospital Cost Reduction System
Cyrus Hodivala – European Sales Director
Logo Here
Hospital Cost Reduction System
Cyrus Hodivala – European Sales Director
Cornerstone of the system
Largest single cost saving area for the Trust
Required if the Trust wants to achieve Materials Management or Patient Level Costing and the basis of a lot of what Genesis does
Can create cash release savings, recurring cash savings and clinical time savings across the Trust
Gives the Trust visibility of all their stock in every managed location
Automation allows large scale stock reduction across the Trust
Reduces stock on hand to economic levels
Increases stock rotations
Reduce waste from expired stock
Stock levels set against actual consumption data
Allows supplier performance reporting
Gives the suppliers visibility of both their stock and usage remotely via the cloud
Allows suppliers to reduce their management charges on consignment stock
Inventory management Module
Being developed with Central Manchester Trust
Allows track and trace of individual trays of surgical instruments
Follow the trays through the sterilisation cycle
Know which tray were used on which patients
Know what trays are being held in stock and for how long
Excellent knowledge in the event of an infection outbreak (Know which trays were used in which patients)
Enhances patient safety by tracing the entire sterilisation cycle.
Fully integrated reporting tools
Allows for the elimination of other CSSD software from the Trusts IT landscape
CSSD Module
FREE Business case writing consultancy – No other supplier offers this
Overcomes a huge hurdle within the Trust to assist them to achieve their automation goals
Has been proven to increase reported ROI for the business case submission
Offers well supported, conservative, 5yr ROI financial business case
Full “On Cost” from both Genesis and the Trust included
All Project on cost including Trust Project Management and onward System Administration
Forms incredibly powerful argument to take to the board for the benefits of implementing Genesis
16x different categories of savings allowed for
All “One Off” Cash Savings itemised
All “Recurring” Cash Savings itemised
Staff Efficiency savings shown
All year one and recurring Genesis Costs
Includes all hardware and supporting licences
Allows for first years down time during installation and dead productivity period
Break even period (typically within months of go live!!)
5yr ROI broken down by year
Fully editable assumptions table for risks management
All categories and returns are individually editable
The Patient
Bespoke Intergrated Solutions
Ease of Use
Inventory Management
Genesis Mobile
Materials Manegment
Asset Tracking
Patient Level Costing
Business Analytics
Links Hospital directly to Supplier via the Cloud
Signature capture on device for internal deliveries
Transfer inventory between cost centres
Holds entire Hospital inventory database
Integrated Scanner/Handheld Computer
Costing by Patient, Procedure & Surgeon
Used in Theatres & Or/Wards
Genesis Mobile
Developed with GS1
GS1 Certified Barcode system
GS1 Certified Inventory Management System (Mar ‘16)
GS1 Certified Patient Level Costing System (Mar ‘16)
More GS1 Accredited staff than any UK IM supplier
North Tees Specifically chosen for their GS1 roll out
Recognised by the e-Procurement strategy GS1 roll out
GS1 Implementation
The most integrated GS1 approved system available
Cost of Procedure
Cost by Patient
Surgeons Pref. Cards
Cost by Surgeon
Auto Implant Recall
Theatres Cost Management
PLC Module
Patient Level Costing
Scan wrist band, no manual data entry, eliminates errors.
Captures Lot/Serial & Expiration
Captures all consumables via Surgeon’s pref. cards
Allocate Implant, recall details to patient
All costs captured in real time
Requisitions automatically generated for items

We believe it (Genesis)
has helped us drive sustainable savings of over £200k p.a.
within elective orthopaedics This is only the start in one specialty, if and when this methodology is driven out across the whole Trust
quite clearly the annualised savings will be significantly greater
than this.
Much of this change is driven by what
I believe to be the excellent management
we have in place but
Genesis has played a key role in facilitating these developments
Major Hospital Savings
Nick Tennant Finance Manager, Nottingham University Hospital
Total Cost Management For OR with Supplier Data Sharing
Clinician checks implant availability
Assign exact implant to patient
Automatic Implant product recall data
Implant data sent to supplier
Total Cost Management & Genesis Analytics
Patient Level
Costing Analysis by:
System Flow Chart with Supplier Data Sharing
Inventory Management
Genesis Mobile
Materials Management
Instrument Sterilisation
OR & Patient Costing
Asset Tracking
Business Analytics
Business Analytics Real time Hospital reports to Stakeholders
Real time Supplier reports & alerts
Genesis Analytics - To A New Level!
Patient Level
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