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The three friends

The very angry bees story

xin ler pang

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of The three friends

Introduction Begin with one of the five Characters Mary,Tom and Reax Tom was a mischievous but clever boy.He love hanging out with others but others thought the opposite.His only friends were Mary and Reax. Mary was a sporty and well-behaved girl.She was also soft-hearted but clever. Reax was a impulsive and notorious boy.He never listened to Mary or Tom's advice. Setting -what was the weather like? It was a brilliant day as the sun shone brilliantly in the clear blue sky. -what was the time? It was in the early morning when Reax called to their houses. -how were they so free to go out. It was a school holiday so they need not go school. -How were they related? the three children were best of friends. Brief description of characters Pre-action/events -How did they get there? As the natural reservoir was quite near,they walked there as a form of excercise. -What did they do there? As they felt very energized,they decided to run around the whole reservoir once. What did they smell? The sweet fragrance smell of the Hibicus and Roses attracted many flying bees over. What did the children hear? The sounds of birds chirping and the leaves rustling was melodious.It sounds like Mother Nature was playing music for them. What did they see? The sights of birds were beautiful, and the small flowers were showing off their beautiful clothes. Deveploment 1 Why did they sit by the tree? As they were exhausted because of the run, they decided to rest for a while. How did they know there was a beehive? As they were resting,they heard many buzzing sound coming from the tree.Out of curiousity,the three children looked up to see what made that buzzing sound.To their surprise, they saw a beehive above them. How did one of the boys thought of attacking the beehive? Suddenly,Tom smiled to Raex and said"I dare you attack the beehive until it drops!".As Raex did not want to lose his face,he challenged Tom. How did the boy feel(the boy who wanted to throw the rock)? Raex turned and look at Mary's face,Mary looked back worriedly,but Raex did not stop what he wanted to do.Tom said normally"Raex, if you don't want to do this, don't do it.".But Raex did not listened,he wanted to prove that he was the bravest person in the whole school. Problem What did the boy use to make the beehive to drop down? Raex found a few stones nearby and wanted to use them to hit the beehive. How did the rest of the children react when their friend was about to throw the stone? Mary shook Tom hard and pleaded him to stop Raex.Tom shouted"Stop It! Raex! Please!"but Raex ignored him. How did the children react when the boy was going to hit the hive? Mary and Tom held their breathe as Raex threw the stone towards the hive. How did they react after the hive dropped onto the ground? The three children stared at the hive, shaking,thinking that they would be in trouble soon. What did they do after realising they were in big trouble? Shocked,the three frightened children ran for their lives. How did they come up with the idea of jumping into the water? Running ,running,suddenly,Mary noticed a river in front and remembered that bees could not go into water so she suggested to jump into the water. Deveploment 2/Solution What happened to the bees when the children jumped into the river? the children jumped into the water and they peeked out of the water to see,the bees had flew away! What happened next? The three children swam to the other side of the river and slowly climbed ashore.All of them were shivering due to the cold water. Ending/Conclusion Where did they go next? After resting for a while, they stood and truded home tired and cold. What happened after that? They reached Raex's house and stayed there as it was the nearest house to the reservoir. Raex's mother called Tom's and Mary's parents and they rushed here immidiately.Then,they went to the nearby clinic to see the doctor.The doctor said that they were having a cold. How sick were they? For the next few weeks, the three children had to stay at home as they had a high fever after their cold. Conclusion? After they had their lesson,the three children felt remorse and ashamed,especially Raex and Tom.But,this experience thought them to understand more about bees.
"Mary,Tom, let's go to somewhere interesting!"asked Raex. Don't you think so?
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