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on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Presenting - 53191

Separate elements
Thank you
Let's start!


Do you prefer to rent or live in own house?

Current Situation of Vancouver Housing Market

——Exploration of Challenges and Prospective

B.C Policies
Bing Thom
Cash Flow
1.Highest housing prices in Canada;

2.Low vacancy rate for rental housing;

3.Buildings need rennovations;

4.Increasing number of homeless people;

5.Overwhelming pressure on youth households

(Mayor Task, 2012)
1.Changing property-purchase tax;
“The city has become a hotel. I have done pretty well in my business, but I made more money from sitting on my Vancouver property than I made by working an entire lifetime”(Bing Thom, 2016).
A rate of one per cent for the first $200,000 of the sale price and two per cent for the remainder of the rest value(Meissner, 2016)
2.Spending $355 million in the construction or rennovation in five years
Reference List

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On the effectiveness of housing purchase restriction policy in China: a difference in difference approach
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CBC News
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Vancouver Sun.
Retrieved from http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/barbara+yaffe+when+real+estate+bidding+wars+sales/11786990/story.html
Wang, H. Y. R., & Han, W. (2016, March 24). Shanghai said to be nearing purchase Curbs for warming property market.
Caixin Online
. Retrieved from http://english.caixin.com/2016-03-24/100924304.html
1.Veterans and disabled persons;

2.Canadian retirees

3.income taxpayers who have paid more than $15,000

(Davidoff, Gottlieb, Somerville…Pineda, 2016)
Cost no more than 30% of household income before taxes
(Province of B.C., n.d.)
Sources from Shanghai Daily
Thesis Statement
This paper argues that the government of British Columbia should carry out strict policies for Vancouver housing market such as tax revenue for vacant houses and more affordable housing and create a benign housing environment in order to avoid housing affordability crisis.
1.Some realtors make housing sales like bidding(Yaffe, 2016).

2.If the B.C. government tried to reduce international investment on residential real estate, the province would lose $1 billion on housing sales and about 4,000 construction employees would lose their jobs (Meissiner, 2016).
Municipal Policies for Shanghai Housing Market

1.Housing purchase restrictions(Cao &Lai, 2015)

2.High requirements for down payment(Han &Wu, 2016)
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