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Water Sanitation

No description

SeiMi Chu

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Water Sanitation

What Can Sanitary Water Lead To?
Improving school attendance
Able to stay in school without taking a long walk to get clean water
Able to learn
Decrease the illiteracy rate
Decrease gender inequality
Girl's responsibility to get water
Long walk--> miss school
Decrease disease
Diarrhea=2nd leading cause of death for children under 5
Disease spreads

Water Sanitation
more than 780 million=no clean safe, drinking water
2.5 million=no access to adequate sanitation (bathrooms)
women and children=4 miles everyday to get water--> 40 lbs
water--> often unsafe
50% hospital beds=people suffering from diseases --> unclean water
1.5 million children die every year from diarrhea (more than HIV, AIDS, malaria, and TB combined)
Citarum River
Water Miracle

SeiMi Chu
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