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Child labour


Jiahong Li

on 24 January 2010

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Transcript of Child labour

WHY THERE IS CHILD LABOUR AT ALL? - Many people wonders why there is child labour at all...
...well the answer is simple:
-the children family need money
- child labour is cheap to big factories
- people thinks that the children are more handier than adult workers
HOW LONG DO THE CHILDREN HAVE TO WORK? Since 1831, a Royal Commission recommended in 1833 that children aged 11–18 years old work a maxium of 12 hour per day and aged 9-11 years old work about 8 hours. But before that, kids used to do work about 16 hour per day! 12 hours per day!? That's nuts! They are noly kids! >:o
WHAT DO THEY DO IN PRESENT? Mostly they works in factory,mining,prostitution,quarrying, agriculture HOW MUCH DO THEY EARN THEN? Not much at all, they earn even less than adults does. They earn about 30 euros every month or even less... What is child labour ? In united Nations' rights title child labour is used on a child who is under 15-14 years old and works outsitside from home.

features of child labour:
to long working time
job that is unhealthy and dangerous
too low pay
job that prevents going school
job that harms child's social and physical evolution
too much responsibility

________________________ What do they product then? In nowaydays you can find coffee beans, sugar and many other stuff. But have you ever thought that they would have been made by child labour?

Mostly products that are made by child labour are usually:
Coffee beans
Clothes (H&M and Nike)
furnitures like carpets Is it good to buy products that are made by child labour? well some people thinks that buying those products would increase child labourness
but some peoples thinks that buying those products would help the children. Why? It's because buying their products they will secure their job. Where you can find child labour? Africa
South America
Asia CHILD LABOUR Thank you!
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