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LifeSaver bottle 2

No description

Yirong Wang

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of LifeSaver bottle 2

MS8004 Introduction To Nanotechnology
Group Project Presentation Chia De Jing Colman
Go Qing Ming
Goh Guo Xian
Lee Shu Min
Leow Ying Yan
Lim Hiap Teck Thomas
Lim Terence
Nur Faizah Binte Habibul Rahaman
Wang Yirong LifeSaver Bottle Presented by: Group 19 Importance of Product Raw water contains harmful particles, like unseen parasites, pathogens and bacteria Importance of Product One of the important processes of water treatment is filtration. Importance of Product Almost 2 billion people in the world do not have adequate clean water The Future... Market Potential New Innovative Design Market Potential Military - US Army New Innovative Design Market Potential Humanitarian Market Potential Market Potential OUTLINE Market Potential Similar Products TRITAN® Tap Filter Bottle by Aquagear

reusable bottle that features a built-in water filter
water filter attached to the straw-cap removes different contaminants from your tap water as you drink, including chlorine and industrial chemicals
uses electro-magnetically charged medias that attract different contaminants in your water like chemicals and heavy metals Similar Products PURITYCAPSULE ® by Aqua-Nu Filtration Systems Ltd.

produced to retrofit any bottle company’s existing range of water bottle products
potential for a recurring income stream for replacement cartridges.
Reduces waste and energy consumption (compared with bottled water) Similar Products Hydros Bottle LIFESAVER Bottle 3M Water Filtration System Filtration Systems Similar Products Triple Ultra Filter by Chanson Water®

provides amazing filtering capabilities while also removing harmful chemicals
true antibacterial protection which includes;
Mold and Fungus
E-coli and Coliform bacteria
Giardia and Crytosporium
99.9% of all pathogens
This however is not a portable filter Nanotechnology Smallest Bacteria! E. Coli Bacteria:
600nm (in width) Tuberculosis Bacteria: 200nm (in width) REVERSE OSMOSIS NANOFILTER ULTRAFILTER MICROFILTER Viruses Bacteria Suspended Solids Smaller Than Any Bacteria or Virus! Naturally hydrophobic
polymeric materials
(e.g. Polysulfone,
polypropylene) Pumping Wet Process Dry spinning Process Dry-jet wet spinning process Fabricating Hollow Fiber What Are the Sizes of Virus? Smallest Virus! Polio Virus:
25nm What can they do? Multivalent ions Water Monovalent ions DECREASING PORE SIZE Different Types of Filters Pore size, nm 1000 0.1 1 10 Filter Type Reverse Osmosis (RO) Nanofilter (NF) Ultrafilter
(UF) Microfilter
(MF) The Pore-Size of LifeSaver Is Smaller! Lifesaver Bottle Pore Size of LifeSavers’s Non-Chemical Ultra-Filtration Hollow Fiber Membrane is: 15 nm Drinking untreated water might put the individual at risk
diarrhoea, cholera and other waterborne diseases Every minute, about 13 000 people suffers from diarrhea and about 4 children dies due to drinking untreated water Quality of water is also unable to be determined merely by just its smell, taste and colour Filtration is a process that separate particles from the fluid through a screen. No added weight to carry clean bottled water Can save at least 4kg of weight Extra space can be used for other important equipments Portable Able to shoot pressurized water at any angle Flash flooding in Pakistan and Nigeria Earthquake in Haiti Harvest clean water anytime and anywhere No more long walking distance to collect clean water, inconsistent supplies Jerry-can shower attachment Improvised jerry-can Cleaning up without any worries of water contaminatio Lifesaver bottle citiConcept
Mazda cars Installed in a car to supply drivers and passengers with clean sterile water Use rainwater as main source Reach out for the rural area and 3rd world countries needs. Efforts and innovations suitable for urban people and high technology application Touching lives of people Appreciate mother nature and what she has for mankind Bright future and potential - Minimize formation of defects in fiber - Spun fiber less oriented and more uniform Dry-jet wet spinning Schematic I. Importance of Products II. Similar Products III. Nanoproperty IV. Market Potential V. Safety and Ethics VI. Conclusion Importance of Product Almost 2 billion people in the world do not have adequate clean water Drinking untreated water might put the individual at risk
diarrhoea, cholera and other waterborne diseases Every minute, about 13 000 people suffers from diarrhea and about 4 children dies due to drinking untreated water. The question about safety and how about Ethics? Just give me three minutes, I’ll tell you everything! Safety The bottle is safe, the London School says Safety But it does not filter urine……

The urine salts are small,
they can pass through all,

Therefore, NOT suit-a-ble for all! Ethics The billion dollar goal, only Pritcher (the inventor) knows

Is it over-realistic or not????? Safety The other safety issue, is fouling of membranes

Fouled membranes need to be replaced

Or they get out of hand…. Ethics Hu-man-i-ta-rian, eff-orts are not spared

like those in Haiti and Sierra Leone(country) We come from MAE, MSE, EEE,
not forgetting SPMS Wherever you are,
You can always vote,
On group 19's presentation oh...! Pump to create pressure - Both dope and bore liquid pumped to spinneret - Bore liquid forms the inner core
- Dope will form the fiber - Solidify in the Coagulant Bath - Treatment in the Rinse Bath - Ready for collection Advantages: Fiber from the spinneret Effect and Usage Drinking Filling Combination of both dry and wet spinning What Are the Sizes of Bacteria? Force water through the membranes Leave dirt and contamination Other Filters Inside the Bottle Standard Dirt Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Other Filters Inside the Bottle Standard Dirt Filters
Activated Carbon Filter
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