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Teenage Suicide

No description

Mayuran Gunasingam

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Teenage Suicide

Family Relationship issues
Feel that they are the reason for poor family relationships.
Isolate themselves from their family, because they can't adapt to constant change.
Have trust issues leading to social introversion.
Feel neglected, leading to mental illnesses.
Adolescents aged 15- 19 have an average suicide rate of 1 in 10000
What is Teenage Suicide
When a teenager intentionally ends their life due to factors that make them no
longer want to continue living
Teenage Suicide

By : Mayuran, Mufasa
Physical/Sexual Abuse
The victim feels scared, angry and confused.
What are some reasons why teenagers commit suicide?
This leads to them being emotionally unstable
After being abused they will suffer from severe depression and anxiety
Feeling neglected, the victim may perform self-mutilation.
In severe cases the victim may commit suicide.
Substance abuse
Heavily relying on drugs induces feelings of hopelessness
Chemically intensifies feelings of depression and anger.
Bullying and Cyber-bullying
Get put down by others leading to low self-esteem.
Reduced social interactions and introversion.
The Common theme
Victims suffer from sever depression and feel as though are neglected. They feel a sense of hopelessness and form trust and control issues. This leads to harmful activities such as self mutilation and subtance abuse. The victims feel a sense of despair and question their life.
withdrawal from family and peers
loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities
difficulty concentrating on schoolwork
obvious changes in personality

What are some symptoms of a teenager at risk of committing suicide?
As parents:
Pay attention to your child's behavior.
Try to get involved, don't leave them isolated.
As a friend:
Discuss their problems with them
Don't wait assuming that they will feel better
Don't be judgemental
Tell their parents or call Kids Help phone
Amanda Todd
In the next twenty four hours, 1,439 teenagers will attempt suicide.
sadness and hopelessness
changes in eating patterns, such as sudden weight loss or gain
changes in sleep patterns
drug and alcohol use symptoms that are often related to emotional state
Symptoms and Signs
How it affects Society/Family?
Teenage suicide victims affect everyone in their communities. Their families go through a range of emotions from sadness to anger. The parents feel as though they have failed their children. Friends are sent into shock and overwhelming grief for not knowing about the situation beforehand. Moreover, friends of the victim might blame themselves and go into a depressive state. They might even commit suicide. Teenagers around the world would start to believe that suicide is a viable option.
Amanda Todd was born on November 27, 1996 in Port Coquitlam, BC
Her parents separated when she was in grade 7
While in grade 7, Amanda was forced to flash for a stranger on videochat
The stranger forced her to continue flashing for them or they would show the picture to Amanda's friends
2 years later the picture was found circulating the internet
Amanda's family moved to another home but found that a Facebook profile was created with the picture.
tried to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of bleach
Spent time in hospitals treating her depression, anxiety and panic disorders
On Oct. 10, 2012, Amanda Todd hung herself in her bedroom
The Question: What factors in Amanda Todd's life allowed her to think suicide was a reasonable option
The Assumption: Previous traumatic experiences combined with abusive relationships forced her into committing suicide

The Explanation
Amanda was cyberstalked and cyberbullied constantly
struggling in school because of learning disability
discriminated for her learning disabilty
bullied in school for her action
never allowed to completely recover from traumatic events
not enough support from close family and friends

Form of bullying
Discriminated for gender, ethnicity, nationality and sexual orientation
Causes identity and self-acceptance issues
Feel neglected from society

Teenage Suicides in Movies
Substance abuse Relationship Issues


Bullying/Cyberbullying Physical/Sexual abuse

25 teenagers will be successful
Biological Effects
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