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Compound Subjects and Verbs

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Jessica Tomberlin

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Compound Subjects and Verbs

Compound Subjects and Verbs Conjunctions: and
or F.A.N.B.O.Y.S. Later we will learn about Two or more subjects that have the same verb and are joined by a conjunction.

Two sentences in which the subjects are different, but the predicates are the same. Compound Subjects Compound Subjects visited an amusement park.
visited an amusement park. Lynn

Lynn and Eric visited an amusement park. Two or more verbs that have the same subject and are joined by a conjunction.

Two sentences in which the subjects are the same, but the predicates (complete verb) are different. Join the two predicates (verbs) with a conjunction. Compound Verbs The crowd the players. Compound Verbs cheered


cheered and applauded The crowd the players. The crowd the players. 1. The teachers and students organized a picnic for their families.

2. They discussed and chose a date for the picnic.

3. The students wrote and designed invitations.

4. Twenty-five parents and siblings responded to the invitations.

5. The students bought the food and made the sandwiches.

6. After eating, everyone participated in games and races. What is the complete subject?
What is the complete predicate?
Are they compound? Music with your practice sheet if you sit quietly after the stretch break. Stretch Break!
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