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Carli A. Tejera

No description

Carli Tejera

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Carli A. Tejera

Snapshot Paper
I tend to enjoy writing about myself and my life the most.
I write a lot of poetry and short stories, so I'm used to putting emotions and thoughts to words on paper.
I think my snapshot paper was able to capture a lot of who I am simply through certain memories I have gathered throughout the years.
Conveying a Message
What message was I trying to convey in this paper?
I was trying to allow the readers to get to know me on a personal level.
How did I convey my message?
Descriptive language
Likes and Dislikes
What do I enjoy about my writing?
It's relatable
I write about all sorts of topics
Even if it gets glum sometimes
I can usually get my ideas on paper pretty simply
What do I dislike about my writing?
It can get over-dramatic sometimes
My papers tend to start off un-organised
I have to go back and rearrange the sentences until it flows well
What tends to get in the way?
An Abundance of Memories
How did I choose my topics?
Tons of meaningful moments to choose from
Chose the memories that reflected who I am the most
Thought of what would give the readers the best insight into my life

Carli A. Tejera
The Process Behind Snapshots
That Time in Manhattan
More Moments...
The Future...
Writing will always be a part of my life in some capacity, and this class has helped me notice that.

Moving forward, I will use the planning exercises we practiced in class to help me with future papers.
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