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Tobi Island :)

No description

thames thames

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Tobi Island :)

Tobi Island
Ladys and jental men today i will talk about my island: Tobi Island
Facts about Palau
Discovery of Palau in 1696.
Why was it called Tobi island
It was called Tobi island because a man called tobin found the island.
Tobi island

Tobi island is 1.6 Km long and 0.8 wide with an population about 30.
Sonsorol is one of the sixteen states of palau.
This is how houses look like in sonsorol
The country is Palau and the capital is dongorasu.

This is the flag of Palau
Houses in sonsorol
Tobi is an island in the Palauan state of Hatohobei.
Most of the inhabitants live on the island's west side and speak Tobian.
Tobin james, bor march 5 1918 and died 2002
Here are some pictures
This is how Tobi island looks like.
Tobi island
is full of trees and there are
some houses
because there are about
30 people living there

Thanks for lisening

Hopefully it was a good presintaition
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