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Student Organization Advisers' Orientation

No description

Isabelle Notter

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Student Organization Advisers' Orientation


Office of Student Involvement
& Leadership
Role of the Advisor
University Policies
Bills or Budgets submitted to SG
Contact a Senator
Fundraise: bake sales and car washes
Submit Event Registration Form
Drug and Alcohol
Free Speech

Chalking Registration Form
Window Registration Form
Large Sign Registration Form

UC 222
Understand university policies
Continuity from year to year
Authorized agent of organization
Monitor academic progress and success
More Finances
Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Thank you for being involved and completing the orientation!

Any action taken or situation created that is life-threatening or intended to hurt or to humiliate physically or mentally.
Immediately report possible hazing violations to Student Affairs and the University of New Orleans Police Department
The University may initiate appropriate disciplinary action against individual students for violations of the Student Conduct Code arising from the incident.
Fact: Hazing is also illegal
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Picket or engage in any type of demonstration or mass protest
Notify the Office of Student Affairs (UC 248)
At least 24 hours notification
Notification to ensure the safety of all participants involved.

*Demonstrations which disrupt the normal operations of the University and infringe on the rights of others are in violation of University policy.
Registered Student Organization (RSO)
established for students by students
meets all handbook requirements
annually registered with SIL
abides by university policies, SIL procedures, and local, state, and federal laws
Re-register every Fall
5 members
Updated constitution
Handbook review
The UNO Name
Facility Services
Flyers, banners, and posters
Only organizations sanctioned by UNO have non-profit, tax exempt status
More information about tax exemption options at
Request Federal Taxpayer ID or Employer ID Number (EIN#) to track funds raised and spent
RSO's must maintain proper financial accounts and records
On-campus federal credit union
Executive board members are full-time UNO students in good standing, 2.00 GPA
Re-register annually in the Fall
Inform SIL of board changes or activation status changes
Assume responsibility of members' behavior
Inclusive and non-discriminatory events and meetings
Comply with the Statement of Responsibility and the Statement of Compliance
RSO's are not official components of UNO and may not act on the University's behalf
RSO's can only operate on campus
RSO's are also subject to their national counterpart, if applicable
RSO's assume any and all risks, particularly if RSO operates off campus
Event Registration Form
Equipment Check-Out Form
Student Organization Registration Form
Model Constitution
Change of Officer Form
Large Sign Registration Form
Chalking Registration Form
Window Registration Form
Participation in illegal behaviors involving alcohol/drugs not tolerated
Consumption of alcohol by minors and drug use are prohibited
Abstinence is always supported
Consumption of alcohol is never encouraged although moderate and legal use may be permitted
Abusive consumption of alcohol is always discouraged
Alcoholic beverages may only be served by a university authorized vendor/server, requires permit, and the RSO adviser must be on site. UNO PD must be contacted two weeks prior to an event that may serve alcohol. Non-drinking monitors are required for such an event as well.
Alcohol may not be purchased with university funds
Alcohol may not serve as an incentive to participate and there must be a reasonable portion of the budget spent on purchasing food items and non-alcoholic beverages
Food Policy
Must use Campus Dining or Aramark to serve food at the UC, Pontchartrain Hall, and the Cove
Otherwise, licensed third party vendors are allowed
Only baked goods may be sold at bake sales; no other homemade goods can be served to the public
Free Speech
Demonstrate civility
Concern for safety of persons and property
Respect University activities
Respect those who may disagree
Compliance with University policy and the law
*UNO maintains the right to regulate expressive activities on campus through reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions
*Unlawful, lewd, vulgar, or indecent activities disruptive to normal University operations will not be tolerated
Non-Discrimination Policy
UNO is an environment of mutual tolerance and respect, free of hostility toward, discrimination against, or harassment of any person based on gender, race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, or any other status protected by law
Your RSO should strive for awareness and sensitivity in all programs, activities, publications, advertisements and services offered
Potential risk of legal liability
Proven negligence is usuall the basis for a judgment against advisers
Should be aware of the risks involved when serving in advisory capacity
Adhere to University policy and all laws
Be well informed concerning all plans, behaviors, and actions of RSO's and members
Tips for Advisers
Attend roundtables
Exec. Board meetings
Formulate goals
Attend RSO events
See Treasurer's books
File custodian
Bylaw infractions
Mediate conflicts
Familiar with University resources and procedures
Cancel activities and veto decisions that may violate the RSO’s bylaws, University policies, or the law, or are otherwise unsafe or inappropriate
Read the Handbook
Read the Handbook
Know University regulations and policies
Attend meetings
Open communication
Know what your organization is thinking
Know the resources available to your RSO
Calendar of Events:
Campus Booking:
The Cove Hours:
Greek Life:
Leadership Cabinet:
Organizational Handbook Appendix:
Service Coalition:
Student Activities Council:
Student Government:
Student Involvement & Leadership:
Student Organization Handbook:
Isabelle Notter
Location, location, location!
Mary Thompson - UC, the Cove
Mike Berthelot - HPC, Alumni Center
Campus Booking - Academic Areas
SIL - Everywhere else!
Event registration forms, primarily
See the full transcript