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No description

Rachel Hoover

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Brainstorming

Success in College
Building Relationships with Your
Post It Notes
What are the characteristics of successful students?
Students write their answers, one per Post
It note, and stick them in a common area.
Students write their answers on Newsprint
placed around the room.
Students write their answers on the whiteboard/chalkboard.
You can use Scotch
Spray adhesive to turn
sheets of newsprint into
giant Post It notes.
In order to keep a record
of what your students create, take a picture with your smart phone and post it to Blackboard!
We asked FSU faculty to think about
the characteristics of their most successful students and answer this question:
If you could wave a magic wand and have all of your students adopt three behaviors that lead to success, what would they be?
Group Activity
After watching the video, students should compare their list of successful student behaviors with what their faculty shared.
Students circle the behaviors the instructors mentioned.

Students separate out
the Post It notes that contain
ideas the instructors discussed
Post It Notes
Diving Deeper
Divide students into small groups. Each group must choose three successful student behaviors the faculty presented in the video and discuss:
Why the behaviors are important for success
How they are going to implement the behaviors
Professors consistently report that they want
students to come to their offices and get help.
Students report that they are intimidated
at the prospect of meeting with their instructors outside of class.
How many of you feel anxious about
having to approach your college instructors? Please discuss at least three reasons students might feel this way.
Please reflect on what you learned today and describe what you are going to do to reach success in college.
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