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Structuring your content

Getting all your content into the right structure can be key to a great prezi. Take this tutorial to get some great tips on just how easy it can be.

Official Prezi Content

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Structuring your content

So, you’ve seen some awesome prezis, and signed up for an account.
But now you’re not quite sure how to get your prezi great?
Well, one of the keys is to put your content into a meaningful structure.
One great way can be to use a beautiful Prezi template
Another favorite way to show off your content is to use a map.
This means you can compare a country...
...to a continent..
...to the whole world!
World Map
Investigation Wall
Mission to Mars
Crossing the Chasm
From Roots to Results
Key to Success
Start blank prezi
Use template
Search for Templates
Choose your template
Popular Templates
If the power of your story doesn’t lie in the geography, perhaps a metaphor would work for you
Everyone knows the saying “
it’s just the tip of the iceberg

Why not use it in Prezi? Here the penguin is standing by himself...
But there’s more to the antarctic than just that little fella - Maybe it’s the same for your content too.
This zooming out to show more content is something we like to call "the big reveal" - it’s a great way to get a reaction from your audience.
Prezi has a bunch of metaphors to choose from...
And what if you don’t have a clear idea for how to structure your content?
No worries, there’s still a template for you.
All prezi templates come with beautiful background images, customized fonts, and set colours that make your life easy.
And some don’t feature metaphors or set patterns, allowing you to position your content exactly the way you want.
So, there you have it. Now you’ve seen how easy it is to get your content into a great-looking structure, have a go yourself, simply click the link to start a new prezi and have fun making your own zooming masterpiece.


A classic example is the timeline
But because this is prezi, you can also use invisible frames to show where you came from...
...where you’re going...
and the whole journey
This allows you to take the audience through your story step...
by step.
... by step...
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