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The Truth About The First Thanksgiving

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yordano nicle

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Truth About The First Thanksgiving

Yordano Nicle
Gabriel Hernandez
Yisel Gonzalez The Truth About The First Thanksgiving Comparison Lies My Teacher Told me Not a Wilderness !! Textbooks fail to include pictures like this that depict how Native Americans dealt with small pox or their point of view on the situation. Opinions Its theorized that the Dutch tried to bribe the captain of the Mayflower to land on Cape Cod. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a ritual and has all the characteristics that Mircea Eliade assigns to the ritual observances of origin myths. Which are the following: Summary http://media.web.britannica.com/eb-media/71/125671-004-A0EF90FC.jpg Textbook The Textbook fails to mention any diseases afflicting the Native American Prior and during the pilgrims arrival.
The textbook says Pilgrims didn't find the site nor the season as an invited settlement.
Native Americans had tuberculosis, pneumonia, herpes, and syphilis. All diseases emerged from domesticated animals.
Landed in New England By Accident. Indians were afflicted by disease before Pilgrims arrival.
Pilgrims found a nearly town like environment.
Pilgrims looted Deserted Indian Villages.
Textbooks fail to depict Native Americans viewpoints on Diseases.
Landed in New England on purpose. Facts Pilgrims chose Plymouth on purpose Pilgrims didn't start from scratch. Squanto was kidnapped, learned English during imprisonment http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kAKgYUYM2X8/TrYQgpfzBLI/AAAAAAAAAyU/B6cF7yOd47E/s1600/Pilgrims_landing.jpg Pilgrims were grave robbers, it is shameful to consider them as the fathers of our nation Jamestown was the first successful English settlement. That a storm might have knocked the Mayflower off course, and that this is why they ended up at Plymouth. There was talk of mutiny in the Mayflower. Textbooks should have images about the Native American's diseases Because of this they found it easy to believe that God was on their side Native Americans fled west to escape the plague. John Winthrop Gov. Of Massachusetts called the Plague "miraculous" Pilgrim-Indian relations started reasonably positively. Landing in Plymouth Pilgrims found farms with food growing in them The pilgrims ended up in Plymouth because
they chose to.
After landing at Province town,
they assembled a boat to search for
their new home.
They chose Plymouth because of its
fields, and its useful harbor.
It was no mistake or coincidence settling in Plymouth. Native American houses were also found deserted with all their valuable inside.
The pilgrims proceeded to take all the stuff believing it was a sign of God. The pilgrims arrived to loot all the belongings of the deserted native american houses, they meant to leave beads to show they wanted to trade but didn't. Ritual of thanksgiving makes Americans Ethnocentric, by making it seem that the Pilgrims are the ones who introduced the feast to the Natives, which isn't true Jamestown settlers arrived digging hole in the ground in search of gold instead of farming and eventually resorted to the cannibalism of Native American corpses and of each other. Constituted the history of the acts of the founders.
Considered to be true
Tells how an institution came into existence.
In performing the ritual associated with the myth, one experiences knowledge of their origin" and claims one's patriarchy
Thus one "lives" the myth, as a religion Slide 13 The Pilgrims took advantage of the kindness of the Native Americans , their land, and the circumstances. They stripped them of their belongings and claimed Plymouth theirs by the use of violence. Questions End
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