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Gentry Real Estate Group

Orientation "Getting To Know Us"

Andrew McLellan

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Gentry Real Estate Group

Orientation "Getting To Know Us"

1. Sales Offices & Support
2. Property Management
3. BuyLowAZ Team
Sales Office & Support
Office Locations
Scottsdale Branch
Property Management Division
Earn extra money by; - referring clients, - manage their property yourself, or - become a rental agent
BuyLowAZ Team
Earn extra money by referring or by helping investors buy homes at
foreclosure auction.
places to work and meet clients all over the east valley
Gentry Real Estate Group Mission Statement
At Gentry Real Estate Group our purpose and mission is Threefold......First and foremost is our absolute commitment to our customers and clients. As a full service real estate company, our complete dedication to happy and successful relationships is paramount. Providing unsurpassed service to our customers and clients is always priority........Second is our commitment to each other as associates and co-workers. We commit to give our best at all times, to treat each other with respect, to strive to help each other to succeed. As part of the Gentry team we understand that positive communication between each other leads to a synergistic environment and greater success for all, therefore, all of our communication with each other will be positive and lead us towards greater success. We will provide the training, the education, and confidence to succeed in a competitive and ever changing environment.........Third is our commitment to the “Gentry” brand, which stands for integrity, honestly, loyalty, service and into giving back at all levels. “Gentry” means being part of something special. “Gentry” is good people, giving extraordinary service, living balanced lives.
These are the values that we choose to live by and these are the values that constitute the “Gentry” mission statement
Support Staff
Turning in Transaction Paperwork

Policy and Procedure Manual

ADRE enforcement and compliance

Marketing & Advertising
Have a client that needs a property manager?
Foreclosure Auction Bid Service
Helping investors buy homes at auction that are foreclosing. They can then fix and flip or buy and rent.
Short Sales -
Education and Compliance
Rachel Bordenet
Office Manager
Paperwork turn in
Commission Dispursments
Commission checks
SureClose help
John Hrimnak
New hires/Recruiting
Agent Relations
Daily operations
Andrew McLellan
Designated Broker
Agent contract questions
File Auditing
Documents Due for Broker Review within 5 days
Contracts (sale & listing), Counters, Addendums, Agency
Company Goal
Educate you on industry standards & know how.
Show you how to use current technology and tools to succeed.
Help and motivate you to your highest income potential.
Successful Agents = Company Success
Trainers & Coaches
Casey Bursall, Besty Smith,
Mo Aziz, & Joel Burdsall
What can you do????
6. Trainers & Coaches
Built to over 550 homes managed in 4 years
Travis Bohling, PM Director
Provided by our affiliate partner Chicago Title
Corporate Office
8. Gentry Referral Network
Resource Center
Read, study and know your Contracts and addendum's
Review them carefully before you turn them in to find any missing items
Training, - learn your profession
Need to go inactive for a while?
Join our Referral Network Instead!
No Board or MLS Fees to pay.
Gentry Orientation
Education; classes and certifications
(know what you are doing)
Get help from Short Sale Agent
Learn All Aspects of Real Estate
How to prospect
How to sale
Do the paperwork correctly
Be in Compliance
Keep up with industry news, trends, standards and technology

Which will help you serve your clients correctly
Chandler Branch Full Service Office
7402 W. Detroit St. Suite 130 Chandler AZ 85226
turn in files at execution not bank approval.
Commissioner's Rule, R4-28-502; Designated Broker must supervise all advertising.
All Advertisements must have the name of the brokerage, and “shall appear in a clear and prominent manner”. i.e. Big enough that the public an clearly identify who is the real estate brokerage. (no abbreviations).
Do not advertise in a manner which implies that no sales person is taking part in the sale.
When marketing personal property, place -“owner/agent” in the advertising.
Contains accurate claims & representations.
Advertising another agent/brokers listing. - permission from other broker & display name of listing broker.
Team names and slogans. – Register with “Secretary of States” office.
Classified ads
Business cards
Roadside signs,
For Sale Signs
Postcards & Flyers
Any other device used to encourage potential clients to contact the agent.
-- All need brokerage clearly identified with the“Equal Housing” logo also displayed.
"We Are Real Estate"
4. Comercial Divison
5. Custom Homes /Preferred Builder
5. Real Estate Licensing Classroom
7. Free CE Classes
www.GentryAZ.com or www.GentryRealEstateGroup.com
Phone: 602-549-0495
Coming soon: Gentry agents will have the ability to team up with the Largest Custom Home Builder in Arizona, Amberwood Homes.
As Amberwoods Designated Brokerage our agents will be able to bring customers to our designated Amberwood agent and clients will be able to have custom home plans drawn up and build on any lot they choose.
Gentry Real Estate Classroom
through "Renewal Education Corp."
Purchased approx 7,000 homes in the last 6 years.
Most widely used foreclosure action list.
Provide Drives for Bids with photos.
Provide Title Search
Building the foundation of success.
Motivation, knowledge, networking. Everything you need to know to grow you business!!
Eric Bjornsen
Email: crerealtor@gmail.com
Business Broker
Rollie Deitte is a business broker with Gentry.
Refer your clients
Phone: 602-370-4616
Email: Busbrokraz@aol.com
Build Your Business Day
Property Management - Foreclosure Auctions, Commercial - Biz opps - Training - Res. Resale
We Can Do It!
9308 E. Raintree Dr.
Scottsdale 85260
9. Weekly Master Mind
Liz King
Hans Burkardt
Weekly "Master Mind"
Tools, Tips and Tricks to get new business!
Synergistic & Accountable format.
Monthly CE classes Sponsored by Chicago Title and American Title
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