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No description

Amber Watlington

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Metrosexuality

How A Mere Marketing Tool
Challenges Hegemonic Masculinity The Might of the
Metrosexual 1. What is the difference between "metrosexuality" and "homosexuality".
-Do you consider metrosexual to be "masculine"? Discussion Questions Metrosexual basically means a man with quite a few feminine traits, i.e. caring about his appearance, sometimes even more than a female cares about hers. Famous Metrosexuals The term "metrosexual" is slowly becoming less popular The Rise and Fall
of the Metrosexual There are now three alternatives to masculinity used by advertisers:
Regular guy
Metrosexual Masculinity by the Book 2. Why do we perceive metrosexuality as a threat to "real" masculinity? "Women want the 'man' back in manly....The rough-and-ready attitude is in, women say, while the manicured metrosexual look is on the way out." 3. Why do women prefer the "rugged" look versus a man who values his appearance? Men felt they needed clarity of their masculinity.
Late 1990's/early 2000's, men said their role is society was "unclear" and felt less dominant.
In reaction, men began advertising for Dodge trucks by introducing the "Texas Man" which is seen as a more hegemonic male. 2. Badass
"Marlboro Man
Messy hair, baggy pants, mechanic, Dodge commercial guy
"The guy other men would like to be." so he's a major option for marketers to advertise 3. Metrosexual Man
Loves to shop and stay in style with the latest fashions
Knows all about the latest grooming products
Different from the popular masculine ideas. 1. Regular Guy
Promotes items similar to Avon's cologne
Similar to Beckham and Jeter
Expected to act as though he doesn't care about his appearance, though he does. With the metrosexual becoming more present in advertising, marketers had to create new avatars to challenge the metrosexual concept. The problem with these alternatives
is that they disagree with the idea that masculinity comes natural to the man. Masculinity is in a category of it's own. Hybridized Metrosexuality For a while, metrosexuality was considered the new form of "masculinity", but many men found it to be disgraceful to what a "real man" is. Metrosexual" as a major term is said to have "died", yet it is still seen quite often as many sports star (Derek Jeter (Avon) and Brian Vickers (Garnier Fructis) are consumers of grooming products. Metrosexual Guide-Michael Flocker
Gives insight to the life, behavior, tastes, etc. of the metrosexual You can be comfortable in your gender without being threatened by one another Women have come to not just be one of the focal points of "masculinity", but they help challenge the idea of whether you're a man or not. A hyperconsuming yet non-metro man
Dodge trucks marketing survey created one of the first hybridized metrosexuals
the Dodge Dakota Ultimate Guy
Derek Jeter was one of the first notable men "Ninety percent of U.S women surveyed prefer a regular, capable, and laid back guy to just five percent still wanting the hip, fashion conscious 'metrosexual male' - What the Dodge truck survey found from the poll they took looking for the Ultimate Man, women's most desirable characteristics in a "real man" Previous Presidential candidates John Kerry and Howard Dean considered themselves to be metrosexual. Yet Kerry still tried to portray the "badass" during his election. No matter what, women are usually going to go for the "manly man" rather than the metrosexual. At least for now anyway. Caveman "GEICO, so easy even a caveman can do it." Insensitive hypermasculine men are often referred to as "Neanderthals", Smith's Badass Bible also plays on the caveman joke. The GEICO cavemen are a hybrid of the "badass" and metrosexual. The joke is, if you take the idea of the "real" man to its extreme you end up with a caveman. "When then metrosexual who both does and does not act straight, badass defenders rush to reclaim masculinity as an essential category and to deny the possibility of this other masculinity." Gender Trouble
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