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The Road to Independence

What was the American Revolution all about?

Sara Masse

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of The Road to Independence

The American Revolution Presentation By:
Sara Masse
EDIM 508
This presentation was designed as an introduction
to The American Revolution for 5th grade students.
The intention of this project is to introduce students to important people and events, that were integral in the progress of our developing nation. The presentation is appropriate for both group instruction and for individual student access. Purpose Standards Events Citation Field Trip In reference to:
1. Creativity and Innovation
6. Technology Operations and Concepts

Maine Learning Results:
B2. Citizen participation in government
E1. Historical knowledge
E2. Global connections in history Key Contributors Paul Revere

This silversmith was best known for being a messenger and making the midnight ride.

He also led patriots in the Boston Tea Party.

John Hancock

Was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, in very large print.

He was elected as President of the Continental Congress and was governor of the State of Massachusetts.
George Washington

Was commander in chief of the Continental Army, and the first president of the United States.
Most importantly freedom would not have been won without George Washington.
Boston Tea Party

This was a key event in which the
patriots stood up to England and
refused to pay taxes without

Check out this video of the event...
Boston Massacre

A turning point in the Revolution. Americans were killed and this served as a start to the combat. Images and Videos from:
"The Boston Massacre"
"No Taxation Without Representation"

Video from: teachertube.com
"Boston Freedom Trail" Each year we take our students to
Boston to learn about the American
Revolution. Our big event is walking
the Freedom Trail. Take a peek...
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