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By Brady Carter

brady carter

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Baseball

Baseball :| Who is the real father of baseball? Who is the daddy?!?! Abner Doubleday? Alexander Cartwright? D.L. Adams? The Rules of Baseball SECTION 1. The bases shall be from "home" to second base 42 paces; from first to third base 42 paces equidistant.

SECTION 2. The game to consist of 21 counts or aces, but at the conclusion an equal number of hands must be played.

SECTION 3. The ball must be pitched and not thrown for the bat.

SECTION 4. A ball knocked outside the range of the first or third base is foul.

SECTION 5. Three balls being struck at and missed, and the last one caught, is a hand out; if not caught, is considered fair, and the striker bound to run.

SECTION 6. A ball being struck or tipped, and caught either flying or on the first bound, is a hand out.

SECTION 7. A player, running the bases, shall be out, if the ball is in the hands of an adversary on the base, as the runner is touched by it before he makes his base-it being under- stood, however, that in no instance is a ball to be thrown at him.

SECTION 8. A player running, who shall prevent an adversary from catching or getting the ball before making his base, is a hand out.

SECTION 9. If two hands are already out, a player running home at the time a ball is struck, can not make an ace if the striker is caught out.

SECTION 10. Three hands out, all out.

SECTION 11. Players must take their strike in regular turn.

SECTION 12. No ace or base can be made on a foul strike.

SECTION 13. A runner can not be put out in making one base, when a balk is made by the pitcher.

SECTION 14. But one base allowed when the ball bounds out of the field when struck. Baseball Fun Fact:
Pete Rose, who played for the Cincinnati Reds and then was banned from baseball for life for betting on games while managing the team, holds the all-time record for hits (4,256) and games played (3,562). Home Run King Barry Bonds
762 Home Runs The Big Red Machine Dominance Chemistry
Freak Talent Chompions 1893 1819 1820 1892 1814 1899 The End
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