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Lady Jane Grey - Rightful Queen of England?

No description

Lisa Ketzner

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Lady Jane Grey - Rightful Queen of England?

1. "Jane the Quene" Structure Lady Jane Grey Rightful Queen of England? - family tree
- short biography 2. Legitimate claim to the throne - in various forms of monarchies
- in royal Europe 3. Jane's claim - how did she become queen?
- why was she overthrown? 4. Conclusion Tudor family tree Legitimacy Elective monarchy Hereditary monarchy Monarch elected
by nobles Monarch empowered by designation or
succession Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth France hereditary
succession arbitrary
succession Anglo-Saxon England Holy Roman Empire Jane's Claim Tudor bloodline Empowered through
the king's will Invalid
"Device for the succession" Faithful protestant
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