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My Life of Pi Timeline

No description

Aime Flores

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of My Life of Pi Timeline

My Life of Pi Timeline
Part I
Events before his life was ship wrecked, literally...
Part II
The Way out
Chapter 96-100
Starts off with Author's note
How it all began...
When you least expect to find inspiration
After many after of the authors books were rejected Francis Adirubasamy, who was at the coffee shop when he arrived offered to tell him a story.
Piscine begins...
Chapter 1-6
Living with a zoo
Chapter 7-20
During his adventure.
Chapter 80-95
Time to put his inspiration to work.
The author then wanted to make it happen, and so he called Mr. Patel so he could tell him the story and the main point being he wanted to do it from his point of view. So he supported with evidence and paper work; and in the end he thanked Mr. Patel and Moacyr Scliar.
Finding his inner religion
Chapter 21-36
A life shipwrecked.
Chapter 37-42
Searching ways to stay alive.
Chapter 63- 80
Staying alive
Chapter 58-62
Piscine talks about how sloths survive because their slow and dull, he tells us he was a good student and continued to study zoology and follow his religions. he introduces mamaji who helped him learn to swim and explains reason why he was names piscine and how he went through bullying because of it.
Pi talked mostly of the zoo, and he clearly remembers when his father had fed the goat to the tiger. He said the main idea of owning is making sure the animals are well cared for or else they'd want to run away into the wild again. Pi spoke of being born into Hinduism and thoroughly talked about how with all the people he met he met a new religion.
This chapter the author is writing down some of Pi's thoughts, it then moves on to the point where the priests of all three different religions found out Piscine was three different religions. The time plot was around the 1970's which he claims was a hard time for India; so the Patels plan to move. Before hand Piscine takes both Mr. Kumar's to the zoo and explain the zoomorphism; later on the author finds out he has a wife and daughter and assumes he has a happy ending.
Green light
Chapter 48-57
When a fight break out.
Chapter 43-47
unfortunately Piscine here's a loud explosion when no one else seems to be concerned he goes and explores to later find out the boat is sinking. He runs to save his family but it's too late; chinese men throw him into a life boat to share with a zebra, orangutang, hyena, and a Bengal tiger.
Piscine is fighting to stay alive with all the animals in the ship, it didn't last long before the hyena lost control and picked a fight with that e zebra and soon devoured it. With everyone terrified the Orangutang then got involved and thumped the hyena on the head but shortly lost to the hyena. The hyena was then defeated by Richard Parker.
Piscine begins to explain how Richard Parker got his name; Piscine then starts experiencing thirst and hunger and discovers the emergency equipment. He built a raft to keep distance between himself and RP when sudden;y RP lets out a noise where he means no harm intended. Piscine then comes up with a plan to tame him.
When it comes to surviving Piscine has it down, he figures he has to start finding bait for fish needed to catch, after many failed attempts he finds the perfect way. when he gets disrupted by the flying fish. Getting hit by the fish isn't his only problem but the fact RP is marking his territory.
Piscine spent 227 in the sea, he now feeds Richard and is able to bring himself to kill fish and turtles to use as shields when he trains RP. With time Pi's clothes start to disintegrate, he found ways to stay alive by drinking turtles blood and training RP to let him aboard but it didnt last long before he was tempted to eat RP's feces.
Pi is confronted with a storm not only is this one his main problems but the fact that his pen has ran out of ink,his raft has fallen to pieces and loosing consciousness. Later on he didn't expect to loose his vision and soon meet a french castaway that he so mistakenly confused with it being RP. The castaway's intention to kill Pi and eat him but as soon as he set foot on the boat, RP attacked the French man; when Pi washed his eyes out with salt water he was able to see what RP had done. Later on he lands on an island that turns out to be carnivorous island, when he's able to recover Pi then miraculously lands on a beach in Mexico where abandons him by simply walking into the jungle.
When Piscine's tragic disaster is out in the open the Japanese want to know more of how the accident happened. When the men mistake Tomatan, in Baja California with Tomatlan Mexico they decide to drive but it seems it's not worth it when Pi isn't able to inform them on the ship and when his story is to good to be true. When Pi becomes flustered he gives them two stories to choose from one with animals and one without and asks his audience which one they like best and of course the one with animals. And a story is written on, "Pi's survival at sea with an adult Bengal tiger."
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